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Gluten Free pizza crust review

We have a WINNER!!!!

One of my co-worker’s husband suffered from a gluten allergy a little while ago.  He has overcome this and I lucked out and received the gluten free goodies that she still had in her pantry!! WOOHOO!

I have not been able to experiment in the kitchen like I would like to since we often get home pretty late from work and such.  With that being said I tend to try new recipes and ideas on the weekend.  I am happy to bring to you a Gluten Free pizza crust that is something even the hubby really enjoyed. 

The Namaste Foods, Gluten Free Pizza Crust Mix turned out DELICIOUS!  It is wheat free, gluten free, dairy, corn, soy, potato, casein, AND nut free. Whew what an awesome find. AND the best part was that the bag contains enough mix for TWO different pizza crusts.  The Italian seasonings that were already included in the ingredients of this crust made it the best gluten free crust that I have ever had or made.  Typically the crust is just a plain combination of gluten free flours with zero seasonings.  I think that the seasonings are what won the hubby over also… he is a seasoning fanatic, the more the better! Plus, deep down inside I know Aaron misses the convenience of ordering a pizza for dinner when he just has the craving, maybe I can keep his cravings at bay by making this a regular occurrence for dinner!

We devoured the pizza before I took a pic, but I had mushrooms, hamburger, minced garlic, and spinach on my side.  Aaron had LOTS of mozzerella cheese, pepporoni, and mushrooms.  We both has tomato paste with italian seasonings on the crust before we added our personal toppings. 

I highly suggest trying this type of gluten free crust if you are looking for a gluten free pizza treat!


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