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How to live Gluten Free

Before graduating high school in 2007, I was always hungry and would constantly snack on Cheerios and Honey Wheat pretzels. They were my staple to get through the day.  Oftentimes I would end the day bloated, with a headache, and ready for bed by 9 p.m.  I continued with my “healthy” snacking and whole grain eating while at Purdue for my undergraduate.  It got to the point that my twin and I  were in so much pain after eating a snack, a meal, anything that we holed up in our room and barely did anything. Not only were we trying to cram 23 +credit hours and two part time jobs into a semester/day, but we were trying to ignore the severe pain in our stomachs and the migraines that were daily. We were very irritable and finally my twin, who also ate the same things, got tired of being sick and tired and went to various doctors to see what our problem was.  I hate the doctor and let her try the different medicines out. Unfortunately, nothing helped!! Finally during February 2009 my Mom had a suggestion.  She had caught Elizabeth Hasselbeck talking about her gluten intolerance and how going on Survivor helped her realize why she was always sick, getting headaches, etc… ALL the same symptoms of us.  We quickly contacted our doctor who told us there is not a cure or a drug to help.  He suggested going off gluten and seeing how we feel.  We did some quick research and felt 110% better in a couple days. Seriosuly, we could not believe the difference! To this day we are still gluten free and feel a lot better… sure we have our off days.  We have suffered from eating at restaurants who have no idea how bad cross contamination affects us, we have had meals from others who do not understand that even a few bread crumbs in the butter can make us sick for days, and of course there have been those dumb moments where we just didn’t read the package of a product that had always been gluten free before. At the end of the day though, we are sooo happy and thankful that we finally figured out what was causing us to get sick! 

If you or a loved one are gluten intolerant or have Celiac’s Disease, below are a couple of links that are important to read and understand in order to stay healthy and happy. Also, please do NOT hesistate to contact me to see if something is gluten free or my opinions on products and recipes.  More than likely I have tried it or my twin has 🙂


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