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Gluten Free Groceries

Grocery Shopping Made Easier

I know that when I head to the grocery store the last thing that I want to do is stand in the middle of the aisle and read EVERY label before buying a product. Plus, sometimes labels can be very deceiving when I just skim them quickly in an attempt to not look like the nerdy health nut who won’t eat any fat or sugar (I hate that stereotype!). With a little prep work ahead of time and knowing what to look out for can make grocery shopping a lot less painful.

First suggestion is to do your homework. I use the internet and my iPhone all of the time to search for gluten free products and what store brands are gluten free. There are also a lot of links on stores’ websites that you can download and print that provide allergy information. Why people call gluten intolerance an “allergy” problem I will never understand, but for sake not having to explain the whole situation and correcting them I just go with it. 🙂

Second ALWAYS check the label of food before you throw into you cart. I had been in a situation before where the same item I always bought suddenly included gluten in the ingredients as a filler and I had no idea! Always best to double check!!

Do not be afraid to ask the store manager if they have a list of gluten free items that they carry. Many stores do and this could save you lots of time and give you an idea for something new.

Where I find gluten free products:
Wal-Mart (yes, like it or not they do)
Sam’s Club (love their fajita chicken meat and lots of fruits, vegetables, yogurt and nuts)
Costco (who needs to shop when they have the cheapest gluten free fro yo)
I also find quinoa, chia seeds, nuts, fruit, vegetable, dates and other random gf items here at a reasonable price)
Trader Joes (cheapest place to buy gluten free oats)
Whole Foods


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