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Update on goals and life

WOW! Is all I can say about August!! Sorry it has been so very long since I have posted.  Life has not slowed down for one second the past few weeks, I mean this in all seriousness! I feel bad for not catching up with friends back in town, but we have

So what have I been up to? Anything and everything possible!

We worked on getting settled into our new home… I finally got everything put away that was mine. Aaron still has some work to do, but he hasn’t sat down one second either so I have not gotten onto him by any means.

As soon as we were situated in our house, we started to get the area suitable for our sheep.  This entailed putting in 240 t-posts for a new fence that we were/are putting up.  Not even kidding when I say we have been getting up and going to work and then rushing home to work on fence and sheep until dark.  A couple of Aaron’s wool kids have been hired to help. Thank goodness for them it has come  along way.  Two people working on 3/4 mile of fence just isn’t enough.  I have to send out a shout out of thanks to Dustin and Bailey Jo for working until 10:30 one night helping us to paint brand our donors and recip ewes… yes this was outside in the pasture/corral.  We ended up working by the light of our iPhone flashlights!! There just are not enough hours in the day with working full time and getting the sheep where we need them :-(!! Thanks guys for the help!

For my job as the events coordinator at the Law School I put on a three day orientation for the first year law school students. I literally had brusied feet by the end of the first day from running from one end of the building and back to keep things going.  I did everything behind the scenes, which was okay with me.  My boss did an AMAZING job up on the stage and the first year students seemed to really enjoy it. We had a lot of fun, food, orienting going on, and sponsors to keep on track. I learned a lot from this event, but life at work did not slow down there…

The bunnies were temporarily allowed to live in our backyard, we are dogsitting this weekend so they are back in the hutch.  They make me laugh sooo much.  They literally would sprint from one end of the yard to the other.  I think they were surprised their little legs still worked after being in a hutch just about their whole lives! Here is Mopsy enjoying the greens (the closed eyes and paw holding the stalk just kills me, she is in heaven!):

A couple of Aaron’s friends from A&M stopped by on their way through from California.  We hosted them and had fun, but I did not get caught up on sleep… actually I ended up worse than when the weekend started. I love visiting but 3a.m. is wayyyy too late to stay up for this ol’ girl. 

Then we had our faculty and staff welcome dinner at Cagle’s Steakhouse.  It was delicious AND gluten free.  Small world, the owner of Cagle’s came and talked to me for a very long time and long story short- Aaron and I met while working for Elanco Animal Health… and the owner of Cagle’s worked for Elanco years ago! Agriculture really is a small world!

The next evening we had our first year student reception in the Jone’s AT&T stadium. 

I arranged a sweet deal for our guests, I had the stadium unlock two suites so that students could watch the Texas Tech football team practice! SWEET!! I might have been a little excited also! 😉

Aaron unfortunately missed out on all of the evening events because he was building fence 😦 😦 I completely understood and just wanted the fence done so we could have our life back…

This past weekend we had more company. Another of Aaron’s friends was judging a sheep show in Lubbock on Saturday.  You actually might remember seeing this good looking couple at our Rehearsal Dinner:

We had a great time visiting on Friday evening.  Last time they came up Aaron was on his Walk to Emmaus and they were stuck with just me to entertain them.  Poor souls I know ;-). Jake, Lauren, and Aaron took off Sat. morning for the show and I went back to the Law School to host another event.  After the event was over with I took Lauren around to shop in Lubbock. This was the first time I had been shopping in AGES! Then we all met back at home to regroup and then came back into Lubbock for dinner at Las Brisas… YUMMO! Unfortunately they had to leave Sunday morning… cannot wait until they are closer and we can go visit them! It made for a really fun weekend and the first time we didn’t work on the fence until dark since we started.

We are still working on the fence in the evenings.  I felt bad, we were the first ones to leave Life Group this Wednesday night.  We had to get all of the sheep in for the sheep shearer.  We ran around the pasture in the dark and such until about 10:45p.m. and then brought a load of them up to the barn.  Last night when I got home it was a VERY welcome sight though to see sheep up by the house. I am getting used to this life and feel blessed to have this opportunity… Aaron and I are both exhausted and looking forward to this weekend. We do not have anything but fence building and sheep work planned BUT with not having to go to work for three days I have faith that we can get a lot accomplished.  If anyone wants to come help you are more than welcome to 😉 jk I would not subject you to that. You could come see some of our animals and new family members though…

Aaron LOVES all of the toads around our house… there are a lot. Almost every night when we wrapped things up, these guys would greet us as we went into the house.

Aaron also was very thankful to have found this guy on the side of the road. Can’t you see how excited this little boy my husband is after I said he could keep him?

AND… just so you know- Aaron is sooo proud of all of our animals and such. For his PowerPoint for his first day of teaching he had a whole slide dedicated to Introductions of our animals. Haha it made me laugh, my husband is still a little kid at heart. Probably the reason why is he so good at teaching and connecting with freshmen students :-)!

Soooo you might ask how my goals are coming…

I have gotten a TON of sheepercises in.  I have lost FOUR pounds as a result of literally working morning to night. The only dessert I have had is the one bowl of homemade ice cream that Aaron made.  I am too tired to even think about eating more than what a typical meal is so I have not worried about it.

I have talked to my family a little more than normal while I am driving back and forth from work.  I talked to my Grandma Fry yesterday and she was sooo excited to hear that I am going to be back in Indiana next weekend for Leslie’s wedding. Sadly though I don’t have vacation days so I will only be there for the wedding, rehearsal dinner and then Sunday morning.  I will make sure to stop on my way to the airport though to see all of my grandparents. My Mom told me when Grandpa Fry heard I was going to be back that he wanted to grill out ribeyes and have a celebration.  It broke my heart because I won’t be there for a dinner to be able to do that. I miss my family sooo much! I did get all of the antique Fiesta that my grandparents gave me from their 71 years of marriage put into my pie safe:

Grandma was very excited to hear that we were enjoying it.  I have a LOT of things in my home from my family and it makes me smile to be surrounded by such nice things! My Grandpa White made me a lot of furniture growing up and we are happy to have it in our home.

I just need to do a HOME post for you guys so you can see everything!

Anyway, that is all I will bore you with for now… I will leave you with a snapshot of a sunset that I took while we were building fence.


What I am loving right now…

1. We are about to move… which means that I finally will have a permanent address to make a return address stamp for myself.

I am loving this stamp

Isn’t it just the cutest and most simple return address stamp you have ever seen?!? Okay… it is to me at least 🙂 Aaron picked this one out from the three top options that I had sent him.

2. CHOBANI Conversion!!!! 

 I just love me some healthy eating… the hubby does NOT… and doesn’t need to know my sneaky ways of making sure what I fix him is healthy 😉 I have subbed in Chobani for sour cream in my new favorite enchilada recipe!! (I promise to share later)! The first time I made it he was wowed by how delicious they were. He asked what was in the white sauce on top because it was especially yummy good. I told him he didn’t need to know 😉 Try it… I promise you will still love your healthified dish! I currently have three containers of the large Chobani in our fridge. Last time I looked for it at United, Amigos, AND Sprouts it was nowhere to be found. Alas, I had  to go find it at Wal-Mart where GET THIS: TWO of the cartons I grabbed were TWO WEEKS EXPIRED!!! Thankfully I noticed before I checked out.

3. Circuit work-outs 

You might believe that a typical circuit looks pretty easy… TRY IT! I did one similar to this the other day with 30 seconds of jumping rope in between each move and was DRIPPING sweat within the first five minutes. It got my heart rate pumping and my buns were sore for days! I wore my compression shorts just so I wouldn’t walk like a weirdo! It is the perfect thing to do at home without equipment or a cardio machine to keep you on track. I am planning to do another circuit tonight. I have not worked out all weekend… boo! 😦 There is a lot to be said about the endorphins I get from working out.

4. Once we move I will get my CRAFT on like it’s my job! Check out how cute this wreath is.

 It is just my style and something that will keep me busy in all my free time when I am not working sheep.

5. Scripture and devotionals! I have been working on a devotional book that Holly suggested A Heart that Can Break

I purchased the book, but have not been able to attend the first two get togethers/group discussions because of sheep work and then being sick. I have REALLY enjoyed delving into details that I have never taken the time to read about and also getting a new perspective! I have learned that if I have more of a goal and some assignments that I will read and challenge myself in ways I never thought of. Stepping outside of my comfort zone while reading the Bible has been great. I look forward to continuing to work in this workbook.

6. Thinking about my next trip home! What we (Kristen and I) deem our “triplet” and best friend for practically our whole lives is getting married early September. I cannot wait to go home to help Les celebrate her marriage to Brent! I still cannot believe that we all are old enough to be married and graduated, seems like just last week we were playing cards on the showbox and making up secretive nicknames for the cute boys in the cattle barn 😉 YES, we were that cool!

Isn’t she BEAUTIFUL… inside and out! I cannot wait to see her as the beautiful bride and to try to help her as much as she helped me. AND to indulge in one of our favorite treats again together (ice cream and custard is just a whole lot better with my favorite girlfriends)!!

Leslie and Brent 🙂

7. My new ewe… J-squared now has a pair of ewes. (My tags have J2 on the back of them for Jessica Jennings… Aaron surprised me and actually made my own tag! I love it and my ewes.  The first ewe I got is 1112. Aaron couldn’t think of a good Christmas gift, so he gave me one of his very best ewes. I was able to choose which one, so with Gabe’s help we picked out one that we thought was the best. She is going to be bred this year and I cannot wait to see what her little lambs look like! I will keep you posted, don’t worry.

Yesterday, I added 1216 to J2’s flock pair, since three make it a flock haha. 🙂

Last year in September for a week straight I met Aaron at 6 a.m. to go give shots to his and his Dad’s ewes in the embryo program… even on my birthday. On the way to give shots that specific day my Dad called and wished me Happy Birthday and everything… Aaron forgot it was my birthday until he wrote a check later that day. Nice, I know! I also helped lamb out ewes the first year we were dating and then again this past lambing season. Nothing like waking up going down to the barn in the dark every couple hours to check sheep and then come back in and stay awake fearing you missed something and going right back down. I really enjoyed helping knowing that the embryo program I helped with was producing results that we could physically see in the form of little lambs… ADORABLE


Sorry, I am not making a top 10 list… just wanted to give a quick overview of the things that make me 🙂 

Shaping Up

As I mentioned in my first post back, I actually joined a gym.

My good friend Jessica, got a membership a few weeks back and had invited me to go to a yoga class with her right after we got back from our honeymoon. I have to admit it was hilarious when the teacher afterward came over to greet us and asked our names. My friend said Jessica and I just said we are the Jessica’s and that is what we are known as now in our class. 😉

 Not going to lie, we spent a TON of time riding in a vehicle during our honeymoon. I had not worked out hard core for about three weeks straight because of my traveling before the wedding and then just not being motivated to work out during the honeymoon. I NEEDED to get back into shape. After the yoga class I decided that if I spent the money on a gym membership I would get back into the routine of working out and look forward to it. So I did! I now am a member of Bodyworks.

I have tried to go as much as possible after work, but it ends up being about 3-4 days during the week and at least 1 weekend day. I do not want to sacrifice my life outside of work for working out, but at the same time I feel a lot better after working on consistently.

I have only gone running once since I got back to Texas about a month ago. Crazy huh after training and running a half marathon.

I just got tired of waking up and running super early before I had to be at work… I know what happened to this early morning person?? I got married and my husband does NOT get up before he has to and consequently I do not just pop out of bed anymore ready to run. I hope to get back to running a few times a week, but until I start waking up it is not happening anytime soon with this crazy hot heat!

In other news, I have decided that I want to try to work more on my core… while at work. NO I will not be one of those ladies trying to do crunches while on the phone or anything. (Does anyone ACTUALLY do that?) I want to get one of these bad boys:

I have read many benefits to using a stability ball while sitting on your fine behind all day. If I have to sit all day (which is TORTURE to me) then I might as well get a mini work out in and strengthen that 6 pack I have 😉

This site provided some reasons why it is beneficial to sit on a stability ball. I know that at the end of the day I would feel much more accomplished having burned a few calories AND having better posture.

I need to get approval to use this in my office, but you had better believe if I do, it is all mine!

Your shape up challenge is to go do this quick and efficient Itty Bitty workout by the ToneItUp girls. I did it this morning since Aaron had to get up early to work cattle and loved it!

Hope you all have a great Friday and weekend.


The title about sums up my life in the past couple of months. I have been absent from blogging, but not absent from living an abundantly blessed life!

Since I last blogged, I presented my research poster at a research conference in Asheville, North Carolina, visited the Biltmore, graduated with my Master’s degree, spent a week at home with my lovely family, married my best friend, went on a whirlwind of a honeymoon all over the United States (quite literally),  got settled into Aaron’s house until we move in late July, fixed a few new delicious gluten free recipes for Aaron & I, bought two bunnies, and got a gym membership that I have been using very often and that is just the highlights… there has been so much going on in my life it seems.

Here are some pictures from the wedding for you to catch up on. All of our honeymoon pictures are on Aaron’s laptop and I hope to have them soon.

Getting ready.... thanks girls for doing my hair!

Getting ready… the girls deserve  a HUGE thank you for helping keep my hair from going limp in the 90-100 degree heat!

I have a HUGE fear of hairspray… little unknown random fact from me! I survived the hairspray attacks thankfully!

I grew up in Roachdale and spent LOTS of time at the Roachdale Hardware picking up farm supplies, 4-H project parts, and just catching up with the locals. Coudn’t resist a picture with this awesome background of the place I will always call home..

My handsome groom waiting on me to make it down the aisle… he admitted he teared up because he was overwhelmed with happiness. My sister-in law Heather confirmed that she saw the tears… I have to admit I had no idea, to me he just looked relieved that I had not decided to run.

My photographer Country Photos by Lori

Loves boots and asked where mine were for pictures. Sadly I had left them in Texas because they were in dire need of being resoled… Aaron got them for my first birthday together and I literally wore the soles off of them. BUT she did get this picture of all of the men and their boots. Aaron’s came with manure still on them…as I am sure a few of the other guy’s did. HEY it is what boots are for. To be worn and enjoyed.

 Probably my favorite picture of the whole event. Some of my most favorite people giving me their love and prayers as they gave me away.

I honestly do not remember much that happened between these two pictures haha who would have thought.

My sister in law, Heather, and our friend Andy played the music for the wedding and did a FABULOUS job!!

A HUGE thank you to my family for all that they did. My Mom made the bridesmaids dresses, one of the flower girl dresses, all of the decorations for the reception, hosted the rehearsal dinner, and did all of the decorations for that also, in addition to my Mom sewing all of the programs and just about everything else that was needed for the wedding. I don’t know how I would have done it without you, even Anne, my brother’s sweet girlfriend. You all are such a blessing to me and I cannot thank you enough!!

Couch to 5k inspiration

From the moment my brother started running cross country I knew I wanted to be a member of the team myself. I never took into consideration how long I would have to run, how many miles my legs would cover in the fall season and just how many Popsicles I would eat after the races (my mom was the best team mom and provided Popsicles for every runner from my team and also all of the opposing teams way to support my competition 😉 everyone knew my mom by the Playmate cooler she carried to the finish line. 🙂

Wish I had a pic of her with her Indiana renowned cooler

As the years went by I ran and ran and loved it! While from season to season my twin and I flip flopped in the standings and PR’s, but we all ran and my parents ran from one point in the course to another to motivate us with some cheering. Looking back I am pretty sure any parent who wants to get in shape and lose weight should have cross country kids because there is not a second where you sit in the stands and eat a bag of popcorn… No joke!

Anywhos, long story short running has always been natural for me and I never actually put a lot of thought into it.

Lots of people have never tried running and just this past fall Corey started to train for a 5k and is now training to do the half marathon with me… The sky is the limit as you can tell…

A few of my other graduate school girls asked me about running and wanted me to teach them how… I suggested they follow Hal Higdon’s  couch to 5k program training program and they are off and going on their starting training.

There are many other Couch 2 5k plans

I am so proud of them for giving it a shot and hope they stick with it, I think it would be awesome to have my own cougar-pack running group and we all would be showing Lubbock who runs it 😉 hahaha

With training on the mind I also suggest you go ahead and sign up for a 2-3 mile race around the time your training plan puts you on track to be able to complete it. That’s the number one motivation for me to train for my half marathon, more on that in another post. BUT with knowing you have paid the money, told others about it and are determined to finish the race you will train even better!

So to all of you out there who just aren’t sure, check out a hal higdon training plan or another couch to 5k plan and get started! I have faith You can do it!!

Get your friends to sign up with you also… makes the trainig and race so much more fun!