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Gluten free meatloaf

Guess what had been delivered when we got home last night?? Aaron’s thesis defense/graduation gift from me!!!

I was excited that we finally got it, it was very heavy and cost a lot to get it shipped… No, I didn’t get him a life sized sheep statue. I got him this farm barn and set of livestock that he’s wanted since before I knew him. Why he never received it before I don’t know. We even registered for it on our Amazon wedding registry. He was very sad he didn’t get it as a wedding gift.


It is pretty cute if you ask me. Why he never asked for it for his birthday before he met me I have no clue!

But he was one excited little boy soon to be Master’s graduate. He passed his thesis
Monday and has been working on his corrections… Tonight he played with his gift 😉


So, while I was doing this… (working out like a crazy person)


My twin was doing this:


Jordan, her hubby, bought her 4 of the $1 size portions of custard from Culvers. I am pretty sure I would have just ordered a quart and let the earth remain a little greener without all those plastic cups. Haha 😉

I was craving Sheridan’s custard at this point, but settled for picking Aaron up at school (we ride to and from work together to save a few bucks) and headed home and made meatloaf at his request.

I made it gluten free obviously.

Grocery list:
1 pound hamburger
1 cup brown rice cooked
1 egg
1 tsp mustard

1tsp garlic salt


1 c ketchup
1 tsp mustard
2 tbsp brown sugar

Get busy:
Combine all of the loaf ingredients and place in a glass baking pan.

Mix all of the topping ingredients together and pour over top of the loaf.


Bake for 35-45 min at 350 degrees.

Cut up and enjoy!


I pretty much mutilated it from the get go. I am not a huge meatloaf fan, but every once in a while I can eat it. Aaron said it tasted like meatloaf even though it was gluten free. He is such a trooper.


Almost there

In almost 12 hours I will be standing before my committee and hopefully no one else other graduate students and my professors defending my thesis!

I don’t know if I ever mentioned the topic/title of my thesis…
A Case Study of the Risk and Crisis Communications Used in the 2009 Salmonella outbreak in Peanut Products

Yep sounds just like what everyone wants to hear about at 8am in the morning huh 😉 well I am getting excited and nervous… I get choked up when I speak in front of people I know really well sometimes. Which means that tomorrow pretty much all my peeps and best friends in the department will be there supporting me, I appreciate it a lot but at the same time hope I do ok.

I have been getting tons of good luck texts, emails, and such from my Alltech crew, Aarons family as well as friends and family from back home!! Got to love the sweet people I am blessed to have in my life!

On another note as a graduate student in the department, we all enjoyed some awesome Rudy’s BBQ for lunch during our AECGO meeting today.


There were also additional sides of Cole slaw and potato salad and of course pickles/onions/peppers. Trying to take it easy on my stomach… Nerves are doing enough to it haha 😉

We had a great meeting, actually the best meeting I have ever been to- we discussed our different research topics and how we could work smarter not harder. I am excited for the rest of the group and their ideas for the coming semesters. Hard to believe I am almost done!!

Anywhos, I am off to practice my thesis defense to mi madre on the phone… Wish I could do it in person but “it is what it is” (funny her card to me this week said just that!)

Praying for a fluid defense tomorrow and many blessings to you all!