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Gluten Free Cosmetics and Hair Products

The other day I received some information via a comment on my blog about a couple of gluten free cosmetic and make-up items from my high school honors english teacher. I sometimes do think of her as I write this and worry about her catching all of my hurried grammatical errors, just as she did years ago 😉 She has always been a very sweet lady and she contacted me a while ago about going gluten free for her health. Since then she has shared some knowledge about the products that she has found, which I appreciate.

So… onto the products! 🙂

Red Apple Lipstick is completely gluten free and also offers more than just lipstick.

They even provided an awesome link to more information about why gluten free cosmetics are the way to go since gluten is our enemy. Taken from the website, “One ingredient in particular, gluten, is used as a binding agent in many cosmetics and can be quite harmful.”I do not know if that surprises anyone, but I had never honestly thought of lipstick having gluten in it. I have to admit, I NEVER wear lipstick and only wear mascara on a daily basis so it would not affect me anyway. Yet, many people I know who are gluten intolerant do enjoy wearing cosmetics.

Red Apple also shared some reviews on their products. I just sent my twin a text to tell her that her lipstick might have gluten in it, believe it or not. Come to think of it, these cosmetics could be sweet stocking stuffers and surprises for gluten intolerant friends.

The other company that Mrs. Roach had mentioned was the Wen line hair care.  The pomegranate scent is the only one truly gluten free though.  I have thought about the fact that shampoo often time runs down my face and probably gets into my mouth a little at a time. I am VERY sensitive to gluten (a few crumbs in a dish I saw fixed by someone left me sick for days) and therefore would appreciate knowing if all of my shampoos and conditioners were gluten free also. I use Pantene Pro-V and have no issues, but remember my twin saying the specific kind for color treated hair had gluten in it. I use the kind for curly hair and for extra moisture… so I am good to go!

Any questions, let me know!! Hope this helps, make sure to check everything… sounds silly but if not you could end up sick as a dog! 😦