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Update on goals and life

WOW! Is all I can say about August!! Sorry it has been so very long since I have posted.  Life has not slowed down for one second the past few weeks, I mean this in all seriousness! I feel bad for not catching up with friends back in town, but we have

So what have I been up to? Anything and everything possible!

We worked on getting settled into our new home… I finally got everything put away that was mine. Aaron still has some work to do, but he hasn’t sat down one second either so I have not gotten onto him by any means.

As soon as we were situated in our house, we started to get the area suitable for our sheep.  This entailed putting in 240 t-posts for a new fence that we were/are putting up.  Not even kidding when I say we have been getting up and going to work and then rushing home to work on fence and sheep until dark.  A couple of Aaron’s wool kids have been hired to help. Thank goodness for them it has come  along way.  Two people working on 3/4 mile of fence just isn’t enough.  I have to send out a shout out of thanks to Dustin and Bailey Jo for working until 10:30 one night helping us to paint brand our donors and recip ewes… yes this was outside in the pasture/corral.  We ended up working by the light of our iPhone flashlights!! There just are not enough hours in the day with working full time and getting the sheep where we need them :-(!! Thanks guys for the help!

For my job as the events coordinator at the Law School I put on a three day orientation for the first year law school students. I literally had brusied feet by the end of the first day from running from one end of the building and back to keep things going.  I did everything behind the scenes, which was okay with me.  My boss did an AMAZING job up on the stage and the first year students seemed to really enjoy it. We had a lot of fun, food, orienting going on, and sponsors to keep on track. I learned a lot from this event, but life at work did not slow down there…

The bunnies were temporarily allowed to live in our backyard, we are dogsitting this weekend so they are back in the hutch.  They make me laugh sooo much.  They literally would sprint from one end of the yard to the other.  I think they were surprised their little legs still worked after being in a hutch just about their whole lives! Here is Mopsy enjoying the greens (the closed eyes and paw holding the stalk just kills me, she is in heaven!):

A couple of Aaron’s friends from A&M stopped by on their way through from California.  We hosted them and had fun, but I did not get caught up on sleep… actually I ended up worse than when the weekend started. I love visiting but 3a.m. is wayyyy too late to stay up for this ol’ girl. 

Then we had our faculty and staff welcome dinner at Cagle’s Steakhouse.  It was delicious AND gluten free.  Small world, the owner of Cagle’s came and talked to me for a very long time and long story short- Aaron and I met while working for Elanco Animal Health… and the owner of Cagle’s worked for Elanco years ago! Agriculture really is a small world!

The next evening we had our first year student reception in the Jone’s AT&T stadium. 

I arranged a sweet deal for our guests, I had the stadium unlock two suites so that students could watch the Texas Tech football team practice! SWEET!! I might have been a little excited also! 😉

Aaron unfortunately missed out on all of the evening events because he was building fence 😦 😦 I completely understood and just wanted the fence done so we could have our life back…

This past weekend we had more company. Another of Aaron’s friends was judging a sheep show in Lubbock on Saturday.  You actually might remember seeing this good looking couple at our Rehearsal Dinner:

We had a great time visiting on Friday evening.  Last time they came up Aaron was on his Walk to Emmaus and they were stuck with just me to entertain them.  Poor souls I know ;-). Jake, Lauren, and Aaron took off Sat. morning for the show and I went back to the Law School to host another event.  After the event was over with I took Lauren around to shop in Lubbock. This was the first time I had been shopping in AGES! Then we all met back at home to regroup and then came back into Lubbock for dinner at Las Brisas… YUMMO! Unfortunately they had to leave Sunday morning… cannot wait until they are closer and we can go visit them! It made for a really fun weekend and the first time we didn’t work on the fence until dark since we started.

We are still working on the fence in the evenings.  I felt bad, we were the first ones to leave Life Group this Wednesday night.  We had to get all of the sheep in for the sheep shearer.  We ran around the pasture in the dark and such until about 10:45p.m. and then brought a load of them up to the barn.  Last night when I got home it was a VERY welcome sight though to see sheep up by the house. I am getting used to this life and feel blessed to have this opportunity… Aaron and I are both exhausted and looking forward to this weekend. We do not have anything but fence building and sheep work planned BUT with not having to go to work for three days I have faith that we can get a lot accomplished.  If anyone wants to come help you are more than welcome to 😉 jk I would not subject you to that. You could come see some of our animals and new family members though…

Aaron LOVES all of the toads around our house… there are a lot. Almost every night when we wrapped things up, these guys would greet us as we went into the house.

Aaron also was very thankful to have found this guy on the side of the road. Can’t you see how excited this little boy my husband is after I said he could keep him?

AND… just so you know- Aaron is sooo proud of all of our animals and such. For his PowerPoint for his first day of teaching he had a whole slide dedicated to Introductions of our animals. Haha it made me laugh, my husband is still a little kid at heart. Probably the reason why is he so good at teaching and connecting with freshmen students :-)!

Soooo you might ask how my goals are coming…

I have gotten a TON of sheepercises in.  I have lost FOUR pounds as a result of literally working morning to night. The only dessert I have had is the one bowl of homemade ice cream that Aaron made.  I am too tired to even think about eating more than what a typical meal is so I have not worried about it.

I have talked to my family a little more than normal while I am driving back and forth from work.  I talked to my Grandma Fry yesterday and she was sooo excited to hear that I am going to be back in Indiana next weekend for Leslie’s wedding. Sadly though I don’t have vacation days so I will only be there for the wedding, rehearsal dinner and then Sunday morning.  I will make sure to stop on my way to the airport though to see all of my grandparents. My Mom told me when Grandpa Fry heard I was going to be back that he wanted to grill out ribeyes and have a celebration.  It broke my heart because I won’t be there for a dinner to be able to do that. I miss my family sooo much! I did get all of the antique Fiesta that my grandparents gave me from their 71 years of marriage put into my pie safe:

Grandma was very excited to hear that we were enjoying it.  I have a LOT of things in my home from my family and it makes me smile to be surrounded by such nice things! My Grandpa White made me a lot of furniture growing up and we are happy to have it in our home.

I just need to do a HOME post for you guys so you can see everything!

Anyway, that is all I will bore you with for now… I will leave you with a snapshot of a sunset that I took while we were building fence.


Bucket List for the rest of 2012

The year has already flown by and there is less than half of it left. With this in mind I have decided that I need some of you to hold me accountable to some items that I want/need to accomplish before 2013 arrives.

1. Try a new recipe and share it with all of you at least once a month (realistically I would like to try a new one every week… we will see)

2. Work out at least 4 days a week, every week… real goal is 5-6, but I am being realisitic- sheepercises will have to suffice somedays 😉 This includes:

  • Running/walking from the house to the pasture (approximately 1.75-2 miles)
  •  Sprinting from the gate to the pin
  • Unloading feed (50 lb sacks of feed definitely will help keep my arms toned)
  • Holding sheep in a choke hold between my legs so Aaron can give a shot, take a blood sample, or just to look at it (Hello thunder thighs!)
  • Running around trying to corral the sheep. This equals a lot of agility and being quick 😉 otherwise the sheep will get past me and away from the flock
  • Other moves as necessary to get the chores done 🙂

3. Try out a few different restaurants and give you some feedback on their gluten free menus.

4. Create a cute Christmas card pose/scene for our very FIRST Christmas card! I have a couple ideas, just depends on the weather and such.

5. Complete my Christmas shopping well before Christmas! Goal is before the middle of December. I already have a few people checked off my list 😉 Am I good or what?

6. Get all of our new house made into a home! This is top priority for me. I have waited my whole life to be able to decorate my home and make it a welcoming place for friends and family to come visit… and a nice place for us to come home to after working all day. I know with a full time job, working out, cooking meals, and other responsibilities that my house will NOT be spotless at all times and have accepted this. At the same time I want to get as much organized as possible so things are at least in their place on a regular basis. I still have some of my favorite possessions in Indiana and cannot wait to get them someday.

7. On that same note- motivate my husband to file away his items and to NOT pile things up. This might or might not be achieved in this lifetime 😉

7. Keep in touch with my friends and family- this is something I struggle with. My close friends and family know I do NOT like talking on the phone. While I do call my grandparents on a pretty regular basis and my Mom daily, I feel like there are still some people I would like to reconnect with and make sure they know how much I love them and miss them.

8. Limit my dessert intake. I have been really good about NOT eating dessert. I have been wanting to eat more “clean”. Which means no processed foods, added sugars, etc. I have been making it a goal of mine and have made some minor changes in addition to just not allowing myself to drool over a yummy item long. I have been filling my fridge full of apples, kiwis, squash and tomatoes fresh from the garden, a few bananas (very high in sugar so I have limited my intake), berries, fat-free plain greek yogurt, quinoa, and then also packing nuts and leftovers for lunch so I am not left with a growling tummy.

9. Read some books I WANT to. Now that I am done with school and research I have time to read for myself. I have purchased some books, some I left in Indiana for my Mom to read and others I have and just need to sit down and read. I really want to read Drop Dead Healthy. I have read some book reviews over it and am intrigued. Both copies at our local libraries are checked out… so I will finish reading the book I am currently on, which is the 3rd book in the Mark of the Lion series.

10. Do something spontaneous… enough said. 🙂

What are your plans and goals for the rest of the year??

Mason Wedding Shower Recap

Sorry for the delay and lateness in this getting posted, better late than never though!

To start off I want to say another huge thank you to the hosts and hostesses and to all of the people who attended!

The whole group of sweet hosts and hostesses with us

The shower was a lot of fun, the food was delicious, and the decorations were perfect for the occassion. We enjoyed seeing everyone and I met a lot of the people that have been in Aaron’s life. It was very sweet, the meal was gluten free and one of the hostesses even made me a gluten free peach cobbler. I loved it and Aaron even got the gluten free version instead of the normal version and he demanded I get the recipe because he liked it even more than the regular kind :-)! Hopefully I will have the recipe soon to share with you. It WAS delicious.

We received a lot of very nice gifts that we will be able to use during our marriage and in our home. We appreciate all of them and the stories that were shared during the shower.

Excited to try some recipes out in my new Crock-Pot from Heather and Matt. It is so fancy that it even has a timer on it 🙂

You might remember this couple, Kurt and Kim were married just a couple months ago and Aaron was in their wedding.

My new in-laws below 🙂

Full of deliciousness

Last night after school/work and Aaron got the wool contest somewhat pulled together for the State contest we headed to meet some of our friends.

We had a wonderful dinner at Rain Uptown! I just got a chicken salad, but I asked for their marinara sauce as my dressing and it made my meal!! Of course Jess, Dustin, and Aaron got pasta… This place does not have gluten free pasta otherwise I would have participated in the carb loading.

After chit chatting for a couple hours Jess had the genius idea to go to Sheridan’s frozen custard shop! 🙂 I did what I always do there and got a quart of vanilla… For myself and myself only haha. Aaron got a peach cobbler sundae but only ended up eating the custard because the cobbler was a disgrace to cobblers around the world!! Jess tried the lemon bar (not correct name) and she loved it and Dustin got a coffee chocolate almond deal that looked heavenly.

I am ready for the weekend after such a fun evening!!! Today is school/work then hanging out and staying with my office mate Kelsey. We are both in charge of registration in the morning for the Ag Comm CDE. Then to cap the day off Kelsey, Corey, and Moriah are throwing me a shower. Should be a great time and also the future sibling in laws will all be in town tomorrow.

Ready for the weekend?!?! This girl
Sure is!!!! 🙂

Fort Worth weekend

Just wanted to do a quick recap of my weekend- it was fast and fun and I cannot believe it’s a new week already!

After driving on Friday afternoon/evening we ate at Del Friscos as I had previously mentioned. When I spoke with the server he said they could accommodate my gluten allergy easily. Long story short I had a filet, asparagus, some crab and blue bell ice cream for dessert and was perfectly healthy and my tummy was full as can be!

Side note: when I gave the server a hard time about bringing me the rest of the blue bell he said that it was a special flavor just made for Del Friscos– blah it was homemade vanilla, believe me I have had so much of it I can recognize it with one bite! Just made me laugh!

Saturday morning I was overwhelmed with options, but that was the great part! Heather had bought me gluten free cereal, gluten free cinnamon raisin bread and I had brought some of my gluten free oats.


The bread was such a treat, I warmed a couple slices up in the microwave and enjoyed bread for the first time since I spent New Years at the Jennings. I typically do not buy a lot of gluten free breads and such, but it was such a treat and this brand was moist and delicious with just enough raisins! Heather was too sweet to be prepared for me! 🙂

We soon headed to the show and watched for a while. Around lunch time Heather, Matt, Mrs Jennings and I went to Sweet Tomato– a salad and soup venue that was amazing! For $8.99 you could load up on salad, soup, lots of pastries (non gluten free), sweet potatoes, potatoes, veggies, fruit, and last but NoT least FROZEN YOGURT!!


I fully indulged and tried some great couscous and had a sweet tater (my fav) and salad with some great toppings. I forgot to take a pic of the fro yo I ate, but let’s just say I might have had triple the serving I should have. I highly suggest Sweet Tomato for lunch, lots of options and a sweet treat is included!

Heather and I then went back to our favorite little boutique in the area and she showed me the dresser she is wanting to add to their cute home, a nice break from standing on the cement watching the show.

Sunday was a blur of fighting for a place to watch the show.

After the show we headed to Menchies to celebrate Millers success.


I don’t have any pics of Gabe showing as it is “bad luck” to take pics.

Heather and I enjoyed a round of fro yo before the Millers arrived.


Hard to believe we are already back in Lubbock, but we had a great weekend with friends and Aarons family.

Happy Monday everyone!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Gone half crazy again… San Antonio style

It is official, I have not even ran a half of a half marathon for my training for the Dallas Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in March… and I have already signed up for my second half marathon!!!


This one is the San Antonio Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in November!

With the code GEARBUZZ I was able to Get $10 off of my registration fee… and you can too before January 31st! This was the real reason that I went ahead and registered. I know it is not that much money in the long run, but anything saved makes me happy.

Soooo if you are thinking about signing up do it soon 🙂


With our Dallas entry 🙂

I am excited to  continue training for Dallas, I am running SEVEN miles tomorrow morning with Corey before I head out to Fort Worth with our good friends, the Millers. I sometimes wonder why they subject themselves to us weekend after weekend, but I am thankful that they do!


While in Fort Worth we will stay with Aaron’s sister and brother in-law and get to see his brother show at the Fort Worth Stock Show. Saying a prayer for a successful weekend and I will NOT be taking my camera into the show with me… there is a major superstition that this is bad luck and I will not allow myself to be the blame for this.

I am excited for the weekend, I have not seen Heather and Matt since we stayed with them in October when Aaron judged the State Fair of Texas Breeding Sheep Show. Heather is a great cook and hostess and she has already asked me about a few items being gluten free or not, whether we eat in or out I know we will have fun catching up and talking some wedding 🙂

Previous South Plains Show

Safe travels to everyone this weekend and hope to have some time to blog and give you all some updates on our trip!

Weekend out and about

This weekend we headed off to Ruidoso, New Mexico with some of our friends.


We left with intentions of a good time skiing and seeing lots of snow… Needless to say the wind (around 50 mph or more) kept us in town and not on the slopes, but we had a blast still!

We ended up having an awesome view from our hotel that at least made us think we were far from west Texas.


We spent a lot of time in town and our men convinced us to go back to their favorite time period they wish they were John Wayne


We had a lot of laughs while taking these pictures… There were many more but this was the only approved one from us ladies (yes we don’t look quite Ladylike in the pics, but really).

We ate a lot of food and only made one fro yo stop


We picked up some amazing lemon olive oil from one of the local shops and made fish tacos last night. Gluten free and all! I will post the recipe tomorrow. They were delicious and it was nice to have a meal I knew I could trust, we ate out the whole time in Ruidoso and while I only had one little gluten run in the first meal- it’s always a great feeling to know how my meal was prepared and that it’s gluten free.

After some amazing fish tacos we got back into the western theme and watched what else?!? A western- the guys loved it!!!

Thankful for good friends and good times, moments that gave our abs a good work out and memories that we can laugh even more about later 🙂

Hope you all had a great weekend and a happy Monday!!


Just a quick photo recap of some of our shopping and adventure:


Yes Aaron wanted this fur


Bought Aaron a few of these for only about $30 a piece back when we visited his sister and brother in law in Fort Worth and found this exact same Japanese fishing float for $125 at the antique store this weekend!!!!! Score for me a while back huh?!? 🙂


And I will leave you with Jesse James 😉