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Burlap & Cashmere

Just a quick little shout out to my sister and I’s new venture.  We grew up in a house that was full of creativity.  Our mother has always been extremely crafty, she started her own banner business in order to be a stay at home Mom.  She also made all of our dresses and cute outfits growing up and has made countless gifts and decorations. 

Well, Kristen and I have been crafting to decorate our respective homes as well as gifts for loved ones.

Now we have posted pictures of items that we would be more than happy to personalize and create for a gift for one of your loved ones or for a special occassion.  We are always coming up with new ideas, so check back often.  If you have a special request, feel free to ask and we will come up with a made to order treasure.

Please check Burlap & Cashmere out. 



Mason Wedding Shower Recap

Sorry for the delay and lateness in this getting posted, better late than never though!

To start off I want to say another huge thank you to the hosts and hostesses and to all of the people who attended!

The whole group of sweet hosts and hostesses with us

The shower was a lot of fun, the food was delicious, and the decorations were perfect for the occassion. We enjoyed seeing everyone and I met a lot of the people that have been in Aaron’s life. It was very sweet, the meal was gluten free and one of the hostesses even made me a gluten free peach cobbler. I loved it and Aaron even got the gluten free version instead of the normal version and he demanded I get the recipe because he liked it even more than the regular kind :-)! Hopefully I will have the recipe soon to share with you. It WAS delicious.

We received a lot of very nice gifts that we will be able to use during our marriage and in our home. We appreciate all of them and the stories that were shared during the shower.

Excited to try some recipes out in my new Crock-Pot from Heather and Matt. It is so fancy that it even has a timer on it 🙂

You might remember this couple, Kurt and Kim were married just a couple months ago and Aaron was in their wedding.

My new in-laws below 🙂