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Gluten Free Catfish and Homemade Raisin’ Cane’s Sauce

Thanks to the Millers we had some amazing GLUTEN FREE catfish the other day.

Let’s talk about how we got to this point though. First the catfish was thawed out by submerging the frozen fish and freezer bag into room temperature water.  When it was done thawing Dustin cut out the parts that would make it taste “fishy” and then rolled it in Corn Meal.

Yep, Aunt Jemima helped us out and let us use her corn meal. At this timet the oil was nice and hot and Dustin was able to fry it all up while I made some dippin sauce that Aaron loves.

The Famous (Only in Texas) Raisin Cane’s sauce with a minor addition.

Thanks to Pinterest I found and pinned this recipe a while ago from this website.

Grocery List

I added about 2 tsp of horseradish per Aaron’s request.

Just mix all the ingredients and then add more pepper or horeradish depending on the kick you want it to have.

(Yes this photo is from Pinterest… the guys got to dipping before I snapped a pic) BUT it did look pretty much exactly like the dip above.

Now you are ready for some catfish dippin… or chicken, french toast, etc.

The sauce and catfish were both gluten free… and of course it wasn’t dinner without a big bowl of Blue Bell! DELICIOUS!!