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What I am loving right now…

1. We are about to move… which means that I finally will have a permanent address to make a return address stamp for myself.

I am loving this stamp

Isn’t it just the cutest and most simple return address stamp you have ever seen?!? Okay… it is to me at least 🙂 Aaron picked this one out from the three top options that I had sent him.

2. CHOBANI Conversion!!!! 

 I just love me some healthy eating… the hubby does NOT… and doesn’t need to know my sneaky ways of making sure what I fix him is healthy 😉 I have subbed in Chobani for sour cream in my new favorite enchilada recipe!! (I promise to share later)! The first time I made it he was wowed by how delicious they were. He asked what was in the white sauce on top because it was especially yummy good. I told him he didn’t need to know 😉 Try it… I promise you will still love your healthified dish! I currently have three containers of the large Chobani in our fridge. Last time I looked for it at United, Amigos, AND Sprouts it was nowhere to be found. Alas, I had  to go find it at Wal-Mart where GET THIS: TWO of the cartons I grabbed were TWO WEEKS EXPIRED!!! Thankfully I noticed before I checked out.

3. Circuit work-outs 

You might believe that a typical circuit looks pretty easy… TRY IT! I did one similar to this the other day with 30 seconds of jumping rope in between each move and was DRIPPING sweat within the first five minutes. It got my heart rate pumping and my buns were sore for days! I wore my compression shorts just so I wouldn’t walk like a weirdo! It is the perfect thing to do at home without equipment or a cardio machine to keep you on track. I am planning to do another circuit tonight. I have not worked out all weekend… boo! 😦 There is a lot to be said about the endorphins I get from working out.

4. Once we move I will get my CRAFT on like it’s my job! Check out how cute this wreath is.

 It is just my style and something that will keep me busy in all my free time when I am not working sheep.

5. Scripture and devotionals! I have been working on a devotional book that Holly suggested A Heart that Can Break

I purchased the book, but have not been able to attend the first two get togethers/group discussions because of sheep work and then being sick. I have REALLY enjoyed delving into details that I have never taken the time to read about and also getting a new perspective! I have learned that if I have more of a goal and some assignments that I will read and challenge myself in ways I never thought of. Stepping outside of my comfort zone while reading the Bible has been great. I look forward to continuing to work in this workbook.

6. Thinking about my next trip home! What we (Kristen and I) deem our “triplet” and best friend for practically our whole lives is getting married early September. I cannot wait to go home to help Les celebrate her marriage to Brent! I still cannot believe that we all are old enough to be married and graduated, seems like just last week we were playing cards on the showbox and making up secretive nicknames for the cute boys in the cattle barn 😉 YES, we were that cool!

Isn’t she BEAUTIFUL… inside and out! I cannot wait to see her as the beautiful bride and to try to help her as much as she helped me. AND to indulge in one of our favorite treats again together (ice cream and custard is just a whole lot better with my favorite girlfriends)!!

Leslie and Brent 🙂

7. My new ewe… J-squared now has a pair of ewes. (My tags have J2 on the back of them for Jessica Jennings… Aaron surprised me and actually made my own tag! I love it and my ewes.  The first ewe I got is 1112. Aaron couldn’t think of a good Christmas gift, so he gave me one of his very best ewes. I was able to choose which one, so with Gabe’s help we picked out one that we thought was the best. She is going to be bred this year and I cannot wait to see what her little lambs look like! I will keep you posted, don’t worry.

Yesterday, I added 1216 to J2’s flock pair, since three make it a flock haha. 🙂

Last year in September for a week straight I met Aaron at 6 a.m. to go give shots to his and his Dad’s ewes in the embryo program… even on my birthday. On the way to give shots that specific day my Dad called and wished me Happy Birthday and everything… Aaron forgot it was my birthday until he wrote a check later that day. Nice, I know! I also helped lamb out ewes the first year we were dating and then again this past lambing season. Nothing like waking up going down to the barn in the dark every couple hours to check sheep and then come back in and stay awake fearing you missed something and going right back down. I really enjoyed helping knowing that the embryo program I helped with was producing results that we could physically see in the form of little lambs… ADORABLE


Sorry, I am not making a top 10 list… just wanted to give a quick overview of the things that make me 🙂 


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