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Feeling a little weary…

WOW!!! My sister sent me another devotional today that could not have been more on point!

Come to me, all you who are weary… and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

We hear the words from others more and more, I am worn out, weary, exhausted.  I can certainly relate. 

For you are a holy people, who belong to the Lord your God. Of all the people on earth, the Lord your God has chosen you to be his own speical treasure. Deuteronomy 7:6 Reading this encouraged me!

Are you feeling weary from lack of sleep? (YES!!) Weary from decisions? (YES!!!) Weary from trials and tribulations (YES!) Wear from changes (Oh yes!) Weary from home, church, work, just life (NO, NO, Yes, Yes).

From reading the devotional, I remembered that GOD can take that weariness and turn it into joy. After this weekend I am REALLY tired, not just physically, but mentally as well. I tend to try to find strength and help from the ones closest to me (hard to do over the phone since I am very far from my family)… but I have learned that putting all of my fears and weariness in front of the Lord and asking for guidance can help me more than anything. Easier said than done time and time again, but today I am turning over a new leaf and soley relying on God. Life recently just has not been going the way I have wanted it to, but I realize I need to have faith in God’s timing… his plan is according to his timing and not mine.  While I am struggling… I am coming to him as I am weary and he will give me the rest I need to make it through this time. I thank the Lord and trust in him. 

I know that many of you also have had ups and downs recently. I pray that this devotional helps you realize that you do not have to go through anything alone.

He says COME, He will give you just what you need. Rest in Him.

God bless.



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