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Doctor and some inspiring words!

This morning… after patiently waiting for over 40 minutes to see the Doctor I told him my symptoms. In just a matter of a couple of minutes he suggested I purchase some Pepcid or Zantac for immediate relief before the medicine he was prescribing me, kicked in. Then he said I needed to do a breathing test to see if I had H Pylori.  If I understood him correctly, that is what causes ulcers. He thinks I just have a large amount of acid in me.

I so wish I would have taken the testing apparatus. I had to drink some really super sweet lemonade tasting type drink. Considering all I ever drink is water I was VERY shocked at how sweet it was. I now have a headache from it. I had to sit for 15 minutes before blowing into a little baggie that blew up sort of like a balloon.  I had also blown in one before drinking the “junk” as I will call it.

After the appointment, I checked my e-mail to find a daily devotional from my sister.

The devotional hit me hard.

I will give you back your health and heal your wounds, says the Lord.  Jeremiah 30:17a.

As you read through the chapters of Jeremiah, you hear and can perhaps relate to some of his suffering and wounds.  Isn’t it just like God to provide hope through His word?  This particular Scripture was a direct promise to Jeremiah to remind Him of God’s plan and to provide Jeremiah hope in God and not in his circumstances or pain.  I’ve often wondered if I could possibly keep faith in God if everything and everyone was stripped from me.  I must confess that when I’ve had those thoughts, fear tries to take over.  Satan loves us to be fearful and he uses that fear to strip us of our hope.  In the story of Abraham and his willingness to sacrifice his son to God, I wonder, could I do that?  Could I?  I wonder what am I’m willing to give to God?  What or whom do I continue to hold so tightly? 


 The bible is full of promises reminding us that God always provides, always restores, always forgives, always has a plan for us.  We have to be a willing vessel to allow Him control.  Is there something you are holding onto physically, spiritually or emotionally that God is asking you to give to Him?  Just as Jeremiah walked the path of pain, we may be called to do that for awhile.  But just as the chapters continue in this particular book, the words are filled with God’s promise for Jeremiah.  Those same words should provide comfort and peace for you today.  God is working to heal your wounds.  It may not happen in a instant like pushing a quick microwave button.  It may take some time, just as a low temperature in an oven cooks slowly.  Time is not our enemy, it can be a source of strength and provide healing.  Are you waiting on God to give back your health?  Heal your wounds?


 Dive into the books of the bible.  There are lots of stories and thousands of promises.  Read Genesis Chapter 6 and about Noah and find hope.  Read and see how your life fits or related to Jonah in the belly of the fish and find change.   Read throughout the chapters that Paul wrote in the New Testament that they are filled with his pain and suffering, but always with direction for our life. You will find healing.   Read about the call of Abraham when he thought he was to  sacrifice his son and what God’s plan was for him and for you.  Read THE BOOK, our precious BIBLE and allow  God’s plan and promises to unfold. Every time I open the Word, I find something new.  Every time God speaks to me, I am in awe of His love.  When I ask Him about healing of my health or  wounds He always says to me, just read and listen, I have much to tell you, are you ready to hear?   Are you listening friends?  Before you open the Word of God, ask Him to help you hear.  He is always wanting you to know something special. And He always wants to give back your health and heal your wounds.  He is in the business of healing and love.  I find great comfort in Him. God bless.

Is that not just perfect for what I have been dealing with. Sometimes I get SOOO frustrated with not being able to eat certain foods or mishaps at restaurants or just plain feeling miserable from accidentally getting glutened or sick. I can say poor me pity me, or I can search for wisdom from the Lord and have faith that through him I will find the healing that I need. Easier said than done when my stomach is wrenching and burning, but if Abraham can give up his son, I can manage to deal with some stomach issues.

Hope you are having a great Friday! I will keep you updated on how I feel after I take some meds and what I hear back about my test.

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