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Under the Weather

I apologize for the absence in posting. We had a busy day yesterday and this morning was literally one to be laughed at. We won’t go there, but I am thankful for helpful friends that I can count on in a pinch.  

I think I have determined the culprit of my recent sickness.  Recently, my stomach has been on FIRE after eating. At first, I thought I had glutened myself or that I was allergic/intolerant of something else (NOT ideal). The more research I do and the more people I have talked to have led me to believe that I have an ulcer.

I called my Doctor and have an appointment for first thing in the morning.  I am hoping to get some relief. I know that my tummy has made me miss out on enjoying life to the fullest, let alone just the overall extreme pain I have been feeling.

If you have any suggestions for what to eat or not while potentially dealing with an ulcer please send them my way. I have found some posts online, but still feel pretty clueless. For once, I am really looking forward to my appointment tomorrow morning and hoping to get some medicine to help me.


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  1. Hope you find the answers you need and treatment. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather. I’d been meaning to write you and share info about some non-food gluten free products that I thought would interest you for your blog. The Wen line of hair care has one cleansing conditioner that is gluten free (the pomegranate one; the others have wheat in them) and there is a new Gf cosmetics line called Red Apple (they’re on Facebook). I was GF for a year before it dawned on me to go through all of my hair care and cosmetics and lotions/potions. Gluton–mostly through some form of wheat or malt–was in quite a few. Just some info to share.

    • Ahhh you are awesome. THank you for sharing!! I will have to post about those products. You are right I have heard many people get sick from lotions and such, I believe that Bath and Body Works sometimes uses oats in their lotions so I tend to shy away from those! Thanks Mrs. Roach, hope you are doing well!


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