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Mason Wedding Shower Weekend: Friday night recap

I created this post a LONG time ago… but never published it… stay tuned for the actual shower post later today that I also had created a while ago. Fun stuff 🙂

Trouble rolled into the Jenning’s Ranch Fri night, double trouble!After dinner these two took us for an evening cruise out in the pastures. I am a sucker for some fresh air and always have my eyes peeled in case a hog runs out in front of us…

I guess my other half (Kristen) keeps her eyes peeled for snakes…

Kristen hollered that she saw a snake as we were crossing the creek. Next thing we know Aaron shoots one and Gabe shoots the other… the one Gabe shot went flying up in the air and just barely missed landing on him on the way back down.  Of course we had to pose with the kill.

I didn’t have my super zoom zoom lens on me and I sure as heck was not getting close to the water moccassins until they were dead!

Post snake shoot out we headed off to look for hogs.

Gabe spotted two and then all the babies popped up. He ended up getting a couple of the babies. Kristen hung on for the wild ride and I think she truly enjoyed the experience and can now say that she really has been hog hunting and saw some wild hogs.

I know this whole adventure has nothing to do with eating gluten free or working out… but we did have fuel/energy from the gluten free fajitas that Mrs. Jennings fixed. She purchases the pre-seasoned chicken fajita meat at Sam’s club and it is perfect for us! Add it to corn tortillas, hot sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, and guac and I will be one full little lady!

I was thankful Kristen came down and we  could hang out. I sure do miss the good ol’ days when we were together a lot more and could go on countless adventures around the farm and Purdue’s campus


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