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A champion today!

Last night Aaron made me some yummy stir fry. I believe I have posted the recipe before, but this specific time we added and used a few different ingredients.


We used leftover hamburger and what was left of the meatloaf I made. Growing up my mom always ate the leftover meatloaf- it was one of her favorite things! So I didn’t want to eat it and Aaron will rarely take one for the team and eat leftovers (my lunch everyday is leftovers I really never go out to eat unless it’s a special day).

The veggies we used were fresh mushrooms


The rest of the veggies were all frozen ones we had in the freezer:
Sweet peas

It turned out yummy and we served it on top of brown rice.

This morning was church, my favorite thing of the weekend. We were assigned last weekend to read Matthew 5-7. Aaron and read it earlier this week and were ready for the sermon today. Nothing like the feeling of a good sermon to start the coming week off right!

Then we decided to use up another Living Social that we had bought. It was for Sunday brunch at Las Brisas.

I thought I was being smart ordering shrimp and scallop stuffed avocado for our appetizer. We were both hungry.


My face dropped and my stomach closed up when it saw the fried avocado with some kind of crumbs. Huge gluten no no! Not to mention the glutened tortilla strips on the salad. Let’s just say Aaron enjoyed it a lot!

Then I ordered eggs Benedict without the bread. I dove right in and then remembered to take a pic, sorry!


It was good, but didn’t fill my hungry hole. Aaron ordered the West Texas Breakfast and didn’t get his bacon until
I asked if he had gotten meat with it. He then asked for it and got it. Needless to say I will not be jumping at a chance to go to brunch there again. Just failure in communication on my part as far as knowing what menu items were.

On our way out of lunch Aaron got a text that the same lamb that got Reserve at yesterday’s show got Champion at today’s show at the Belt Buckle Bonanza in Waco. Woohoo and because you all need to see a champion Southdown, here you go!


Made our day 🙂 Congrats again to the Ramsey family!

Hope everyone’s Sunday is going well!!


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