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Night out on the town

By the end of today Aaron and I were both singing TGIF! For some reason this has seemed like a very long week to me!

Tonight was awesome… All because of this sweet stuff!


I pretty much live for frozen custard! Tonight’s was by far one of the best, just because I like it soft and melty and the HEAT melted it at a great rate in comparison to my consumption. Sounds silly, but trust me there is nothing more disappointing than custard too frozen… Okay slight exaggeration. Aaron calls me an ice cream, custard, and fro yo snob. Wonder why?!

I promise Sheridan’s frozen custard was not dinner. We had a Living Social to use at the Shrimp Galley.


We both got 20 boiled shrimp. Our total was $17.30. The Living Social was for $16 so we got a deal tonight for dinner!

Now we are driving to look at sheep. What else would we do on a Friday night out on the town? 😉 I know you’re jealous of my custard exciting life filled with sheep!

My tummy is full… Hope yours is too! My goal for the weekend is to try another new recipe and to mix up my work out routine.

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