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Another day in the life…

This morning started of with a trip to one of our friend’s garden. They are out of town and told us to help ourselves, otherwise the rabbits and bugs would. We picked some tomatoes and zucchini! 🙂 can’t wait to eat them! Fresh produce from the garden is the best!


Aaron getting his picking on!

He is excited for all of the sweet corn that has been planted. His sister makes fun of us midwesterners for eating corn all the time, but sweet corn from the garden is pretty much the cat’s meow on a hot summer day… And all my fellow midwesterners holler 😉

On our way to look at some of the sheep we had sold Aaron got a call from Dr. Ramsey to tell us that A sheep we sold to them had won Reserve Champion Southdown at the Belt Buckle Bonanza this morning. We were excited to hear the good news! Congrats to the Ramsey Family and thanks for letting us know. Great start to the day.

After looking at sheep we stopped at a Mexican restaurant in Seminole for lunch.


Gluten free chicken tacos for me 🙂 added bonus that I was not expecting was some guacamole was on my taco. Yumm-o!!

Now, believe it or not we are off to pick up some wethers to turn into teaser bucks for our embryo program. It is quite the process and a lot of work to do an embryo program with our sheep, but definitely worth it!

Enjoying our day together… Thankful to not be traveling like a crazy woman this weekend!! Hope yours is going well! Praying for rain and lower temps across the country!!!


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