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So last week we received a craigslist posting from our good friend Dustin, I take that back we received MANY links from him.

I wanted to get a cat or a bunny, Aaron wanted to find a red velvet couch and he was game for a small pet other than a dog. (another fun fact Aaron and I both wanted guinea pigs when we were little but never got them) 😦 deprived we were 😉 Jk we had plenty of livestock to keep us busy.

Sooo anyways we decided to check on one specific couch in San Antonio that we fell in love with.


That beautiful red thing is going to be in our house as soon as we go pick it up from Dustin’s sister in law. Her husband graciously went and checked it out for us since they live in San Antonio, where the couch was. We love it, but now have to find other furniture that goes with it. We are thinking dark leather chairs… Any suggestions are welcome! 🙂 Cannot wait to get it and start decorating around the bold piece that it is!

Soooo now about those bunnies that we ended up with.


Yep that is one of the adorable little ladies!

Aaron called thinking he was calling about chinchillas. A little kid answered and when she sad one for $25 or 2 for $40 he decided he liked her wheeling and dealing (kindred spirit to Aaron as any of you that know Aaron realize). Well, they ended up being mini lops. They are registered and everything, another plus in Aaron’s mind being the southdown breeder that he is and all. So we bought the bunnies and have learned a ton ever since.


I love them!


And to wrap up the bunny post I leave you with a picture that Aaron forbid me putting on Facebook, but since he has been nagging me to blog and never forbid me to post it here… Here ya go!


See, he really really enjoys them also!

I am about done on the elliptical at the gym. These 100+ days of heat are way too hot for me to run. Looking forward to going home and making a yummy dinner for us. 🙂 More on that later.


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  1. Umm your bunnies are adorable. I want to come play! Names?

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