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Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival

Oh how May has flown by and included lots of travel, school, and work.

Here’s a quick recap of the:


Aaron judged the Maryland Wool and Sheep Festival and I was able to go with him. Thank you Dustin and Jess for the tickets! We had a long weekend in Maryland and were able to go to Gettysburg really quick (2 hrs) and then Aaron judged his little buns off. We also were welcomed into the home of one of Aaron’s great friends from Texas A&M, thanks to the Hamiltons for a wonderful gluten free dinner and for Logan to coming up to see us. It was great to see Rebecca, Kenton, and Logan… we will see them also in a matter of days at our WEDDING!



Lunch was eaten in Gettysburg at the Dobbin House

I ordered a salad off their small gluten free menu and Aaron got their roast beef. It was most definitely gluten free and good, but I am not much of a salad fan and was hungry within the hour.  The atmosphere was very neat and I suggest attending.



Spoiler… here are the pics of the Grand Buck and Ewe… I took a million pics of the show, will share in another post to help you learn your wool breeds. There were many different breeds there and I think I had only seen a couple before ever in my life.


Aaron and Kim did a great job judigng their respective rings and I enjoyed seeing them work through the classes.



Aaron was super quick looking at the wool so i never got quite as neat of shots of him.

I had a great time watching them judge and the shows and learned a lot about how people in Maryland show and raise sheep.

I even tried some lamb, a lamb kabob and lamb BBQ. Both were gluten free and I would say I preferred the kabob.

I am in Asheville, North Carolina now to present my research poster. I have lots to catch you all up on and plan to post about this past weekend’s festivities as my last weekend in Texas before being a graduate of Texas Tech and a married lady 😉


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