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Sheep Weekend

Sorry for again a lag in posting.

I finally received my corrections back from the graduate school… and was busy making changes and edits. Thankfully I did not have too many, but nonetheless the formatting portion always takes a lot of patience and time. WHEW

This past weekend we ended up selling 19 head of lambs in Aaron’s family sale. A HUGE thank you to Gabe for all of his help with lambing out, taking care of, sorting, and helping prepare all of the lambs and most of all for SHOWING all of them. Poor guy had the workout of a lifetime bracing up all the lambs to people before the show and then showing all 45 lambs that were sold on the huge hay bail sale day. ūüôā Thank you also to the rest of the crew and Aaron’s family. I know a lot of work went into preparing the lambs, food, and everything else.

I cannot wait to see how the lambs turn out, we have gotten to be really close with a few our the families that buy our sheep. It makes going to look at lambs and check on them kind of like a fun outing for me. I get to catch up with the¬†ladies of¬†the respective households, have fun with the kids, and listen to Aaron give advice or feedback on how the lambs look. We lead a very exciting life and will drive on our free evenings to visit the¬†families¬†who¬†purchase our lambs… well it is exciting to us!

This past year at San Angelo

This past year at San Angelo, one of our lambs won the light weight class. Jayden did a great job showing and he was a¬†HUGE help at the sale this year… he helped me grab and pass lambs up to the sale block and helped load out lambs.¬†His Dad bought a few of our lambs, so we¬†are looking forward to another successful¬†year with them :-).

Between all of the prep work for the sale, I did enjoy a couple bowls of ice cream and have to admit that Pecan Pralines n’ Cream Blue Bell might just have taken a first place rating above Homemade Vanilla.

I had never tried pralines n’ cream, but growing up my Dad always ate another brand of the same flavor. Upon trying this stuff I was addicted… but did not allow myself to splurge too much. Only 2 bowls of ice cream total the whole weekend… that’s major self control for me!I would still eat this in a heart beat though… ūüėČ

I did consume things other than ice cream… like gluten free meat loaf made with¬†just hamburger and eggs¬† and then the ketchupy mixture on top, brisket, chicken¬†fajitas, and gluten free Cinnamon Raisin bread (I forget the brand, terrible blogger I know!).

I was EXHAUSTED¬†after this weekend and we left about 5pm last night… after I rushed Aaron to get on the road.¬†(He told me all about how I rushed him and he was not happy… hey I didn’t want to get back really late what’s a girl to do?) WELL… I drove while Aaron wrote a paper that was due¬†first thing this morning… another¬†reason why it was good we got on the road early! We were about 1.5 hours away when the Millers¬†text about hail in Lubbock. Fifteen minutes later¬†they warned us of tornadoes… so we hopped out really quick and grabbed¬†some food at the grocery store for a quick snack to sub in for dinner and headed west to go to Brownfield and stay with the Millers. Looking at the radar we would have driven straight through the baseball sized hail and possibly some tornadoes!¬†EEEEK. They saved us for sure and we were very thankful!

Today’s been a crazy busy day of work and school, we are off to look at a house at¬†5 and then grab dinner and head to pre-marital counseling.¬†Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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