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Reader Recipe: Mediterranean Nachos

I received an e-mail with a tested gluten free recipe. The whole family thought it was delicious and the young lady who sent it to me said it was very easy and a welcomed gluten free meal! Thanks for the suggestion, I am excited to try it soon!

Mediterranean Nachos

Grocery list:

Restaurant style corn chips (tortilla chips)

Feta cheese 

Sun dried tomatoes

Roma tomato

Green onion

Black olives

*black beans

*Italian Style Turkey meatballs

*These were not in the recipe, but she added them

 Get Busy:

Dice the sun dried tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, green onions and black olives and mix in a bowl.

Preheat the meatball and beans and add them in the mix in the bowl.

Crumble the cheese on the chips and microwave until the cheese melts and bubbles.

Put mix from the bowl on the chips and enjoy.

Doesn’t this sound delicious? I have yet to try making them… something about being too busy to be home and actually fix a meal in forever 😉 Can you tell this girl is ready for a slow down, but not getting one for the next 6 weeks it looks like. Next time I fix a meal I will probably be an old married woman  married, my wedding is in a month and a day!

 For now I am working away at school while it is getting up to 100 degrees outside EEK!

Hope you all have a happy Wednesday!


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