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Lubbock shower

Last night Corey, Kelsey, MacKenzie, and Moriah threw me a shower at the Funky Door.

Heather, Moriah, and I before we left for the shower. Aaron didn’t realize the shadows were so bad.

There were a lot of my fellow grad students who came, as well as professors, close friends of both Aaron and I. It made for a great mix and lots of mingling. We had people from California, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Kentucky, Ohio, Kansas, and of course Indiana… It’s crazy how going to school leads you to meet people from all over. I love it.

I didn’t have my phone or camera with me to take pictures once the festivities began, but I did snap some of the goodies.

Some gluten free buckeyes that Kelsey made that were delicious, adorable cookies made by Corey, and from what I hear- delicious cupcakes made by MacKenzie.

For dinner I ordered the Funky Chicken and I also got a bite of the Spaghetti Squash Lasagna from Heather… Sharing with her sister in law already 🙂

I received a wide variety of gifts. Some made me laugh, some made me cry from laughing, and some were just so sweet.

The games were safe and fun. I enjoyed the funny mad libs and advice from the ladies!!

I am blessed to have such wonderful ladies in my life and am thankful for a fun evening. I know that almost everyone that came had gotten up around 6am to work the State FFA contests. Therefore, with the party starting at 7 and ending around 10 they all were troopers for such a long day.

More pics to come of the shower, thanks to Heather for being an awesome photographer!!

Thanks ladies!!! 🙂


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