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Gingerbread clif bars: gluten free recipe

After a great 4 mile run I snacked on my normal baked tortilla chips and cottage cheese. I love the combo, but was trying to think what else I could make a snack on.

Then I remembered when we were in Dallas for our half marathon and Corey had made gluten free gingerbread clif bars. They were delicious!!!!

She sent me the link to the website with recipe and I got busy!


First, I used my gluten free oats to make some gluten free oat flour. With the help of my bullet, I did it 🙂


I combined the oats, oat flour, as well as baking powder and cinnamon. The recipe called for nutmeg and another spice, I just used pumpkin pie spice


Then I mixed the liquid ingredients.

I try to save dishes so mixed them
In the measuring cup instead of another bowl.

Mixed it altogether


And greased the pan, which was way too big and baked it.

Completed baking-


I didn’t make the icing that the recipe called for, but they turned out delicious anyways. Make sure to check out the link for the recipe. You won’t regret it!!


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