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Last night after school/work and Aaron got the wool contest somewhat pulled together for the State contest we headed to meet some of our friends.

We had a wonderful dinner at Rain Uptown! I just got a chicken salad, but I asked for their marinara sauce as my dressing and it made my meal!! Of course Jess, Dustin, and Aaron got pasta… This place does not have gluten free pasta otherwise I would have participated in the carb loading.

After chit chatting for a couple hours Jess had the genius idea to go to Sheridan’s frozen custard shop! 🙂 I did what I always do there and got a quart of vanilla… For myself and myself only haha. Aaron got a peach cobbler sundae but only ended up eating the custard because the cobbler was a disgrace to cobblers around the world!! Jess tried the lemon bar (not correct name) and she loved it and Dustin got a coffee chocolate almond deal that looked heavenly.

I am ready for the weekend after such a fun evening!!! Today is school/work then hanging out and staying with my office mate Kelsey. We are both in charge of registration in the morning for the Ag Comm CDE. Then to cap the day off Kelsey, Corey, and Moriah are throwing me a shower. Should be a great time and also the future sibling in laws will all be in town tomorrow.

Ready for the weekend?!?! This girl
Sure is!!!! 🙂


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