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Engagement Pics Part 1

Soooo I have been keeping these hidden until we got our invitations in and sent out… they are either at their destination or en route… or being delivered by hand because they cost $2/each to ship out and Aaron and I are both tight wads and want to see your surprise when you open it and see some of the below pics 🙂

This one is hiding behind the “Reception” Info card… and many people do not look at it until we point it out or tell them: This is Aaron’s FAVORITE pic and he even posted it on FB… big step for him! He is posing with his two favorite things in the whole entire world- sheep and his lovely free labor fiance. JK 😉 He pays me in ice cream and fro you when I ask for it, win win situation for this couple but he does have a major IOU going on currently since I have tried to limit my sweets consumption until post wedding!

Aaron thinks I look like Kristen a lot in this picture

The above pic is my favorite pose that we did… BUT the one below is the funniest!!

He THINKS he is quite the muscle man!!

Here are some of the others that we took for you to check out before they are all uploaded on Facebook.

I snuck this pic in after he picked out our lamb for the pic.


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  1. Courtney Vencel

    LOVELY invitations!!! wow!! I was really surprised and loved the pictures. I too, agree with Aaron on this one.. The two favs of his life pic is just out of this world!! ohhhh he will owe you indeed… but marriage is the best gift of a lifetime!! You will love it!! And I cant wait to share our Anniversary with you both!! how fun!! Enjoy this time… cant wait to see you Miss Bride!!

  2. Awe LOVE these pictures Jes!! You look simply stunning – My favorite is the last, bigger image! I miss you running buddy! Can’t wait for tomorrow :))


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