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Not just pinning away

I am guilty at pinning away in my free time and find it far more stimulating than Facebook or Twitter combined.

Growing up I was always trying new recipes and hogging the kitchen (true story- Kristen is going to kill me- when we were either Seniors in high school or just stating Freshman year at Purdue she decided to bake for her boyfriend at the time. While making cookies or whatever treat it was she point blank asked me- “Hey J, when it says white sugar does it mean powdered sugar or the normal sugar?”

Legit question if your twin sister always baked and you just indulged in cookie dough with her post mixing of ingredients huh?? Oh the good ol’ days!!

Anywhos so now that we both know what “white sugar” means in a recipe we have tried a lot of Pinterest recipes, crafts and ideas.

Just a quick overview of what we have done and my suggestions:

Pig and sheep cupcakes


Easy as can be in all honesty, the picture is pretty self explanatory as far as what supplies you need.



I wish I could say that the J stocking was mine, but Kristen replicated burlap stockings she saw on Pinterest for her and I Jordan.


I just love them and cannot wait to make some for us and gifts.

My Mom saw similar reindeer and made this sleigh for her boss… Pretty sure for family gifts I will take Coke bottles and make this- soooo cute!


Not going to lie we all were in shock when Mom brought beer home, our family doesn’t drink and we had NO idea what it was for!

This work out is obviously a screen shot I took from my
Pinterest app- loved it and will do it again!!


Made this diaper cake with Heather, we thought we would have more than enough diapers but in all honesty we had just enough and probably could have used some more. It turned out cute and you can personalize with whatever trinkets you like.


Sorry I am jumping all around with my categories but this circuit looks simple but I did it about 3-4 times in my room
and when I walked through the living room to get a drink my roommate thought I had just taken a long run by how huffy puffy and sweaty I was!


I just had to make this burlap flowered guest book pen for my wedding…. yes I am showing you a sneak peek of what will be there May 26th 😉 I have been crafting away and so has my Mom and Kristen 🙂

My sister is making these Mr. & Mrs. pillows and I received a set for a shower present from her mother in law 🙂 I cannot wait to be able to use them… not for sleeping… burlap is soooo scratchy but they are just so cute as decorative pillows!


I have a lot more work outs, crafts, and recipe screen shots on my phone to try and a ton of things pinned… Oh the inspiration!! A girl can dream and try to do them all… Between my mom, my sister and I we will keep trying… In the meantime- pin on!


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