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Fuzzys tacos… What a deal!!!

Who knew that Fuzzys has $1 tacos on Monday from 5-7pm!?!? I wish someone would have told me sooner! BTW for all of my PURDUE friends, there is now a Fuzzys Taco Shop where Potbelly used to be down the hill. 🙂

Aaron and I love their food and their manager has always been super sweet about making sure my tacos were gluten free. Their “white” sauce is the gluten problem, but they do not put it on mine so I am good to go. Since I have never had the sauce I couldn’t tell you what it even is but I really like the tacos sans glutened sauce!


I get the grilled shrimp tacos. Normally Aaron gets the grilled shrimp salad, but it was a lot better deal to get the tacos last night.

Yay for a good, cheap dinner before pre-marital counseling last night. We are quite the chatty couple or Aaron is the chatty one 😉 and ended up wrapping up a little past 11pm last night. For anyone that knows me, this comes as a shock that I was still functioning at that time huh?

Well I might have made some random comments, like when they asked if our families were similar I said yes and no, but it’s not like one of us grew up in a punk type family versus a traditional family. Hahaha Aaron was mortified!!!!

Looking back I was tired and not sure where “punk” came from… Thankfully we weren’t punk raised! Haha 😉

Well off to get some more work done, head to class, then get a run in 🙂


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