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This past week has been a whirlwind!

Between making final changes to my thesis before submitting to the grad school, driving home for Easter and my wonderful wedding shower thrown by my sister and mom, work, trying (unsuccessfully) to work out still, and getting wedding items completed I am exhausted!

Here’s some pics of what I have been up to:

loving on our farm cats, helping on the farm back home 🙂


Having a sweet shower back home where I got to see my favoritest ladies in the whole wide world!!


My favorite brother in law spoiling my twin and I…


CULVERS!!! My favorite custard treat ever! That is a quart in the pic and we shared without fighting… But we both regretted not taking Jordan up on 2 quarts so we could have one a piece 😦 he’s smarter than we thought and knows us sooo well!! Then again he spent about 2 years at Purdue with us and spent lots of time taking us to get ice cream and fro yo! Living close to them sounds better and better… One day!


Lots of miles ridden and driven… I forgot how beautiful the Midwest is… Sigh!


Our AECGO organization volunteered at the Ronald McDonald house



I caught Kelsey, Ashley, and Chelsey in action! Thanks to everyone else that came out and helped as well as made goodies to donate :-)!


Some major crafting… And wedding details worked on!


And a little shopping trying to find some dresses to wear for all my upcoming events…

Sorry about the lack of posting… One day I will make it a habit but until then I hope you have a great day!!!


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