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Home is where my heart is

So blessed to have been able to finally make it home! We have had a great visit so far and still a lot more to pack in.

I didn’t recognize this guy:


Last time we saw him he was a tiny kitten up in the hay mount! Such a loving cat, Aaron doesn’t see the attraction haha.

We have helped do chores and worked outside all day yesterday cleaning up stuff around the farm so Matt could haul scrap metal off. Then his girlfriend came down and we finally met. What a sweetheart! She helped with chores and had dinner with us, Matt said she makes a mean pie… Right up there comparable to my moms! I say she’s a keeper 😉

Right now we are headed to Kristen’s house for my cousin Jamie and I’s bridal shower. It should be a great time and today will be the only day I get to see Kristen during this visit 😦 going to make the most of our visit! She’s made a ton of changes to her already beautiful home so I am anxious to see it! She is quite the decorator!

I have slacked on my runs and working out, I ran 3 miles before we left Wednesday morning… But I have considered the farm work my exercise for now.

Hope you all enjoy this beautiful Saturday. I am so looking forward to seeing my girlfriends at the shower 🙂


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