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Staying with it

After working at school yesterday I set out for another easy paced run and my legs felt completely amazing for the first time since my half marathon! Yay!

The only reason I stopped was the crazy Lubbock wind picked up about 2 miles into my run… So by 3.5 I was completely winded and my ears were filled with dirt!


When I was walking to my car Aaron text me and asked if I was ready to run with him 🙂 made mr so excited! I warned him it was very very windy but he was so pumped there was no stopping him!

He ran like the wind, in the wind for another half mile!


He was so excited and told everyone we saw how well he did, beating his time by 20 some seconds! Bradley, one of his co workers who ran a half with his wife told him that if he is doing that well he needs to run a longer distance. I might agree but I am just glad he is running at all.

It’s unreal how happy it makes me for him to want to run with me and anyone who knows Aaron knows how optimistic he is which makes for a fun running partner. Granted he does not run a long ways with me, but I enjoy even the half mile! We will hopefully continue on Aaron’s training and have fun!

Another thing that makes us both happy- nature and the things that live in it:


ALBERT the Texas horny toad! I wanted to keep it, but Aaron said it’s against the law since they are an endangered species.

It was fun holding him and petting him… We put him on top of an ant hill so hopefully he will survive (eat ants)! 😉


We don’t have horny toads in Indiana… So I was a little excited 🙂

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