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He did it!

Quick catch up:

We donkey punched the other team in intramural softball. The score was 30 something to 2!!! I was able to just cheer on the team since we had so many girls come out and I was happy as can be!

Yesterday Aaron picked up his Mule deer mount and quickly placed it on his living room wall.


We also picked up one of our wedding presents from the Shearer family. Aaron fell in love with an antique stove and they got it for us. Mrs Shearer feels bad now because Aaron wants to get it working and have me cook with it haha. It’s so cool looking though, I haven’t gotten a pic of it yet since it was still in Aaron’s truck bed last time I saw him.

This morning after taking Annie for a brisk walk I text Aaron to see if he was ready to start running… Long story short Aaron said he would run a 5k with me and wanted to start with a half mile today for training.

No response so I got my run in and headed over. He text me mid drive and said he was ready to run! I was shocked!

Opened the door to his house and sure enough t-shirt, white shorts, white Legs, tall socks and running shoes on… He was ready to go! :-0

Once we started he told me his stride was a lot longer than mine, which makes sense he is longer legged than me. It’s the Fry genes in me 😉

Aaron about died but he did it!!


And here was my slow 3 mile run today if anyone cares:


I am crazy tight and sore now, I am pretty sure my legs still have not recovered from my half last weekend.

Pumped to have gotten a quality run in and Aaron well on his way to a 5k!!


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  1. Cooper ran this morning!! Can you believe it! I think the Casa 5k is April 22nd…think they will be ready by then?

  2. Coopers running this morning!! Can’t believe they are actually doing it 😉 The Casa 5K is April 22nd…think they will be ready?

  3. I ran cross country in high school for a few years but have never been much of a runner, HOWEVER, you, Corey and Holly have inspired me to incorporate running into my lifestyle! And I say that it is going to a part of my lifestyle as opposed to a means to an end of getting fit.

    I came to your blog to scope out a few things and get a few tips before embarking on my first jog this evening and saw that Aaron has started running! Maybe you can share some of his experiences as he builds up his stamina to run the 5k…

    • I am so happy to read this! Also proud that you are wanting to make it part of your lifestyle. Wish you were still in Lubbock so you could run with us!!

      If you have any questions just let me know, we have done a lot of training, trial and error and asking questions ourselves.

      Good luck with running, I know you can do it!


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