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Feels like summertime

With the weather forecast predicting 90 degree heat I wore a sun dress to school and was so happy! Instead of just sitting at my desk for lunch I strolled around campus enjoying the warm sunshine on my shoulders!

After class I changed into my running clothes. I was itching to run, but didn’t know how it would feel. Without a training plan in mind I just took off. I just ran two miles and loved it. Literally felt amazing!

Post run I grabbed my favorite healthy treat since I had a Groupon for Bahamas Bucks:


Large birthday cake shaved thin ice (thin ice means it is sugar free) yummo and just the perfect sugar free and calorie free COLD treat on this gorgeous and warm day.

Now waiting for our intramural softball game tonight. It’s going to be a late one, starting at 10pm And I can guarantee you that this girl will not be hitting a homerun! Should be fun though, I think the team is mostly animal science students aka: aarons wool kiddos- they won last week but I was not there since I was in Dallas. Hoping for another W tonight!

Have a great night.

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