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What I wish I had known

About mile 8 during the half marathon was when pain and dehydration started taking it’s toll. I had a side stitch, which I remembered from my middle school cross country days, meant I hadn’t drank enough water.

I persevered and saw a sign at a church saying good luck and prayed that I would make it… The stitch let up (thanks be to God) and I completed the half.

I have been extremely sore, more than ever and had no idea why exactly until I looked at the course’s elevation!

Wow!!! I had no idea that all those little inclines I could feel was one that lasted for miles!!!


Next race I will make sure to train on some hills and slopes… Only one place in Lubbock fits that bill… Mackenzie park! Haha or just go back to Indiana where there are plenty of them 😉

Cheers to more foam rolling to be able to run again!!


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