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Dallas Rock N Roll half marathon expo

This morning we met up and had a yummy, made to order omelet!!


Then we headed out the to expo!!


We showed up about 15 minutes early and waited in line… That got very long before they opened!!!


Totally excited and ready to rock and roll tomorrow 😉 I am in corral 7 because when I signed up i hoped I could do it in 2:13 now I know I can and am glad to not be farther back because I get anxious… Imagine that!

I mean I have already crossed the finish line- jeans and hot iron shirt all the way 😉


I did not try any free samples just because I didn’t want to risk upsetting my stomach, but they had a lot of varieties.

I bought a spi belt and a running shirt because my one and only dry wick tank was NO where to be found when packing 😦 oh well I got it for $12 so it didn’t break my bank 😉

Now off to market and praying for a great run tomorrow!!! Wish my sister had come down to run, but we will have to set a new goal together!


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  1. I was at the expo today too and will also be running in coral 7! Have a great run! Hope we can manage to get some sleep tonight, hah!


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