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Running with Friends

Forget that game everyone plays: words with friends… I run with mine!

I am sooo thankful for Holly and Corey to run with. It makes the time go by and an hour of running seems like nothing to me anymore. My twin text me the other day and said she ran 3 miles after I had ran 10. She said she realized it wasn’t that far, but I seriously feel that 3 miles by myself is a lot harder than 10 miles or any distance with someone running with you. Sorry Slick, wish I could run with you this week… 😦 MAJOR sad face!!

We had planned on 5 but Holly is always pushing the limits and we went for 6 and accomplished it no problem! 🙂 I am one happy girl to have gotten a run in before my day started… even though with our run being a little later than usual I was thinking DAYLIGHT… I won’t have to walk to my car in the pitch black BUT I totally forgot about the time change yesterday :-(.

No worries, the boogy monster did NOT get me and I got my run in. I am so ready for our half marathon! Or at least I keep telling myself I am, hope so!

Now I am off to get some work done and maybe go help fix a nozzle on a circle system with my other great friend Jessica (yes we are THE Jessicas) 😉 haha I love this picture we look so rough and tough

Happy Monday everyone!!


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