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Productive day of rest

After some thesis edits and some more research I headed to Davids Bridal to get fitted for this girls wedding:


No not mine, Leslies! She asked me to be her maid of honor! Well I can’t brag too much, I am sharing the honor with my twin, Kristen. Hard to believe the reason we ended up best friends was because of our shared love for shorthorn cattle fueled by our fathers.


I am excited for her wedding and looking forward to all of the festivities!

After some ideas ran through my head, I decided to try and get crafty today.

I ended up succeeding with the help of my cricut!


I cut out some letters using contact paper and then adhered it to burlap and paint markered away.



You will see the finished craft in the future… But I am excited to have gotten back into one of my hobbies.

Another one of my favs- homemade, easy dinner!

Pork chops+these



Yummo- off to eat dinner and reading a little.


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