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Yesterday, while talking to my Mom via phone she caught me up on a lot that she wanted to share with me in person… life does that sometimes.

She knows that I have focused most of my life the past year and a half to my thesis and work and have not taken a lot of time to relax and do things I truly enjoy.

Some of those include:

Time with family





ALL things I had planned to do this week… and she suggested that her and I start our own book club and read the same books and have them to talk about. YAY!! I was so excited!

I actually just finished the Hunger Games.

 A PhD student, Courtney, allowed me to borrow them and I really enjoyed them. I have been wanting to for a while and never got around to getting them until she allowed me to borrow them. THANKS Courtney!!

Before the Hunger Games I read the first book in the series, Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers.

Heather, my future sister in law, gave me this book and I had had it for quite some time and finally was able to read it while doing some traveling and LOVED it! I cannot wait to read the next two in the series, as I write this I am actually thinking of going to the library now and seeing if they have it. It took a little while to get into, but once I was I REALLY was! It is an intense read that makes you think a lot about and teaches you how strong a woman of faith really is and how the main character, Hadassah, was tested and overcame time and time again! I highly suggest this book! (Heather if you have suggestions let me know- you have never led me astray!)

While my Mom is trying to figure out a good book, PBFingers is reading  The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes and I cannot decide if it is something I want to read or not. Might wait for her review. She actually has reviews for all sorts of books that you can find HERE.

Anywhos, if you have any suggestions of really good books you have heard of or have read yourself- let me know.

My Mom and I actually read Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plus series and LOVED them… seriously funniest and kinda trashiest books ever but they cheered us both up when we needed it.

While I prefer something a little more educative and thought provoking an easy read is never a waste of time either.



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  1. Courtney Vencel

    Love Francine rivers… have you read hers Redeeming Love?? Awwww just love it!
    I am always looking for more good reads… thanks for the suggestions!!


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