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Some words just stick with you

Sorry for the venting about being so bummed yesterday. I am still pretty bummed, but felt rediculous last night after moping around and feeling sorry for myself and missing my family like crazy!

Then I remembered some special words that my Grandma White told me when I was about 8 years old.

“There is no need to cry, you are not dying, you do not have cancer, and you have lots of people that love you!”

I remember sitting in her lap and bawling like it was the end of the world. My mom was heading to Washington D.C. with my brother and left Kristen and I in the care of my father. It just so happened that she was right and gave me a new perspective on crying. I rarely do it because of her and remembered the above words last night.

My Grandma White passed away about two years ago after a very rough battle with pancreatic cancer. It still kills me that she did not get to see me do so many things, but I am blessed to have learned a lot from her and most of all that everything will be ok. Not to mention that I am a lot better off than some people.

My Grandma was always amazed by us girls. When we were little we would beg to go hike in their woods and play in the creek, we would eat the whole container of candy bars and she was our inspiration to eat as much dessert as we could get away with (many times getting a slice of every type of dessert my Aunt Becky made for our family get togethers PLUS ice cream)!

So today, I am remembering that I am loved, blessed, and safe… a lot better off than some people in this world.

Thanks Grandma for this insight!!

Blessings to you this Sunday!


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