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Bummed beyond belief

Danielle, my officemate took me to the airport and commented on the fog. I checked my flight and it was still “on schedule”. Yay, or so I thought.

The plane for my original flight to Denver then Indy was delayed because of weather… Then went and landed in Amarillo… Then was not working properly.

So I completely missed my connection in Indy and since it’s spring break and everyone and their brother already has tickets to fly cool places and home I was unable to get another flight.

I might have cried… In front if Marty and Kelsey when they picked me up and gave me a ride home… I hate crying, but I hated not being able to go see my family even more.

I cannot even begin to express how severely bummed I am, I miss my family and wanted to enjoy wedding planning with my Mom now that my thesis defense is over with and I can relax some… Sigh 😦

Plus I don’t get to see all my friends and grandparents… Double sigh

On a bright note I got some veggies in:
Stir fry for dinner


Much healthier than the TCBY fro yo I was planning on getting for my dinner in Denver’s airport.

Thanks Danielle, Marty, and Kelsey for taking care of transporting me to and from the airport and putting up with my pitiful disappointed self.

Hope you all that had spring break plans get to enjoy them!! I will now just be working and making corrections to my thesis…


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