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Starting spring break off right

I meant to blog last night but I ended up going to bed super early. I think this whole semester’s stress finally caught up with me plus my half marathon training and I fell asleep between 9 and 10 and woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5:15 to meet Holly for a long run before we both got busy.

While our feet got wet from the random puddles around Texas Tech’s campus (there is NO drainage), the miles flew by pretty effortlessly because I had such a fun and inspiring convo with Holly the whole time! She is such a trooper and we made it over 10 miles!!!!


We talked about life and our gentleman, who just so happen to be officemates over in the animal science department. Small world!!! They put two and two together the other day and her boyfriend told Aaron, in front of other students, that he heard we were running buddies. Aaron laughed and said yes and the other students were sooo confused. Aaron told them, no really they literally are “running” buddies- they run really really insane distances together hahaha. Made me laugh to hear about this.

As you can tell, us three girls have each other to run with, thankfully because our other halves do not run… Period!

Holly is going to be around most of this summer after all, so now I have a running buddy still 🙂 SCORE!!!

We might also sneak in some double dates with our men and let them treat us to fro yo after burning off the calories in advance 😉 hint hint hehe

I just finished doing Ab Ripper, sticking to my plan of working the core and now I am off to finish packing and head to the airport this afternoon where my Mom will be picking me up. Can’t wait to be home!!!

Have a great and safe spring break everyone!


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  1. Holly Harrison

    Loved running with you dear – great convo & your endurance always inspire me to run more than I thought I could! 🙂 So excited we will still be able to run together this summer & from the sounds of it we are gonna have to with all the fro-yo double dates I see in our near future 😉 See you soon!!


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