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Step 1: Admitting my addiction… and evidence to prove it

A few weeks ago while at the Jenning’s I of course indulged in some Blue Bell with my future father in law (we both make fun of one another for how much we love it and the large quantities of it that we consume). Actually Mrs Jennings made a special stop just to make sure we would have enough to “get by”.

MY FAVORITE FLAVORI literally could eat the WHOLE half gallon of this Homemade Vanilla… and have over the course of a couple days before… and that was because I was around others… Had I been by myself it would have been gone in one setting.


While I do not consider this a problem I have always wondered why I crave more each time I have it.

WELL, Mr Jennings did share that he heard on K-Love that research was done and that ice cream is addictive like a drug. A bowl might satisfy you, but the next time you will want two, and then three so on and so forth.

Problem is I don’t remember ever just wanting ONE bowl… many of times my twin and I would get a whole container and 2 spoons and go to town on our own! Oh the good ol spiked metabolism days!!… and then we would go run a painful 2 miles thinking that it would burn it all off haha

Ice cream has always been a staple at our house and HOMEMADE ice cream, hand cranked, is a summer tradition after long days bailing hay and working on the farm.

I shared the study with Corey and she found the study and I thought you might be interested in reading it.

While I realize my addiction… do you really think it is worth giving up ice cream?? Are you addicted?


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  1. Courtney Vencel

    Hi my name is Courtney, and I am an ice creamaholic as well!! Its all good… could be way worse i am afraid! Blue bell is such a treat!! love love love it!!

    making me want some ice cream now!! hehehe

    • Megan Stanley

      Jessica I am also so addicted! Maybe it is connected to the running gene 😉 However, you run and live a very healthy lifestyle. Therefore, I dont think you have to give it up. Maybe try to control the addiction every once in awhile, but not give up. I know that I will not be giving up the addiction anytime soon.

      Ps – if you love Bluebell try Breyer’s vanilla. Its my favorite and made in Indiana (actually my home town) =) Hope you have a fabulous week.

      Also – dont give up blogging. Your posts keep me motivated to run and eat healthy!

      • Glad you enjoy the blog!! How is your marathon training coming? I wish I could run the one back home, one day I will for sure!!

        I will have to give Breyers a try… I mean you might have to twist my arm to eat more ice cream… or not 😉 Have a great spring break Megan!!!

    • I know I want some also!!!! AHHH hahaa


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