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Couch to 5k inspiration

From the moment my brother started running cross country I knew I wanted to be a member of the team myself. I never took into consideration how long I would have to run, how many miles my legs would cover in the fall season and just how many Popsicles I would eat after the races (my mom was the best team mom and provided Popsicles for every runner from my team and also all of the opposing teams way to support my competition 😉 everyone knew my mom by the Playmate cooler she carried to the finish line. 🙂

Wish I had a pic of her with her Indiana renowned cooler

As the years went by I ran and ran and loved it! While from season to season my twin and I flip flopped in the standings and PR’s, but we all ran and my parents ran from one point in the course to another to motivate us with some cheering. Looking back I am pretty sure any parent who wants to get in shape and lose weight should have cross country kids because there is not a second where you sit in the stands and eat a bag of popcorn… No joke!

Anywhos, long story short running has always been natural for me and I never actually put a lot of thought into it.

Lots of people have never tried running and just this past fall Corey started to train for a 5k and is now training to do the half marathon with me… The sky is the limit as you can tell…

A few of my other graduate school girls asked me about running and wanted me to teach them how… I suggested they follow Hal Higdon’s  couch to 5k program training program and they are off and going on their starting training.

There are many other Couch 2 5k plans

I am so proud of them for giving it a shot and hope they stick with it, I think it would be awesome to have my own cougar-pack running group and we all would be showing Lubbock who runs it 😉 hahaha

With training on the mind I also suggest you go ahead and sign up for a 2-3 mile race around the time your training plan puts you on track to be able to complete it. That’s the number one motivation for me to train for my half marathon, more on that in another post. BUT with knowing you have paid the money, told others about it and are determined to finish the race you will train even better!

So to all of you out there who just aren’t sure, check out a hal higdon training plan or another couch to 5k plan and get started! I have faith You can do it!!

Get your friends to sign up with you also… makes the trainig and race so much more fun!


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