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Core workout=essential for race day

Busy day at school! Absolutely flew by and it was one of those days that I did not need to do just that… But I accomplished a lot so all is well!

After I wrapped up in my school office I went to wish Aaron a safe trip to Houston and good luck to his wool team. They are on the road to San Angelo tonight to work out (practice judging wool, not to be confused with what my personal definition of working out is=sweaty run or weights) haha.

Praying for a successful contest next Monday for them, which would be the cherry on our year!

After saying goodbye I got busy with my work out! I got back to my core- I completed the P90x Ab Ripper tonight and did some weights for my arms.

Can I just say how crazy I forgot P90x is, once I did it everyday forever it didn’t phase me… But since I have slacked off on working out other than running I felt the burn!!

My goal is to complete Ab Ripper every other day until our half marathon!

This guy pictured with me:


Is a crazy Costa Rican bull rider the reason I did P90x in the first place and the one who encouraged me to run a half marathon.

We ran my longest run, pre half marathon training, together in Costa Rica while on my study abroad this past summer with Texas Tech. Everyone in our department knows Dr Burris is the crazy athlete!! Mr Ironman himself!!


This is after one of our hottest and sweatiest runs in the extreme humidity of Costa Rica! It was well worth the sites and being chased by chickens!

Anywhos, enough reminiscing… He told me that he always does Ab ripper before a long race to get his core in shape for an easier, faster and more comfortable run!

After this past weekend’s run I noticed my lower back hurt, while my legs were fine. I am hoping Ab Ripper will whip my core into shape and shave off a few minutes from my 2:05 half last weekend.

After a quick dinner of leftovers I made a treat for myself- frozen bananas with PB2!


Yummy treat that is still healthy!!!

Off to practice my thesis presentation and work on some more Alltech work for the day.


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