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A brand new day

After some stretching and foam rolling I got back to work on my thesis, Aaron and I had a wedding to go to last night. It is wedding season huh?!?

I was excited to yet again be able to eat dinner at the wedding- Rudys catered 🙂

Mine will be here before I know it, but in the meantime I have to defend my thesis. While it has not been going exactly as I had planned it will be accomplished soon I hope- rearranging the order or events in my lit review and then using the Internet at school this afternoon to do some more research.

Just a quick update, I feel awesome after yesterday! Not near as sore as I was last weekend and my spirits are high and I am thinking with 13.1 being so easy with the proper training… Why not a FULL marathon?!? Anyone with me?

Maybe 26 miles by the time I turn 26?? Easy as pie!! 😉

This morning I incorporated some of my new Sun Warrior protein powder into my oats… Full review later!

Here’s a quick pic of one of my favorite Pics I took while running here in Texas


Reminding myself how blessed I am to be able to run, get a good education and best of all have such a loving and caring family!

Off to edit more then to church and to camp out at school!!


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