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13.1 mile recovery

The first thing I ate after running 13.1 miles was baked tortilla chips and cottage cheese. I use the chip as a salty vehicle to get the cottage cheese into my mouth! Such a great gluten free combination!!


That definitely filled me up, for some reason post run my appetite is never cranked up. After running off over 1300 calories that is surprising I know!

While I started to help Aaron fix lunch I snacked on some frozen grapes, that I forgot I had at his house.


We invited Moriah and Bryleigh over to eat and we had pan seared pork chops, peas, sweet potatoes, and ranch style beans. All gluten free and filled our hungry holes!!!

While we waited on Todd to come back from Oklahoma Aaron took full advantage of a little kid being around and popped in Robin Hood.


He was definitely as into it as she was and it made me laugh!

I am sporting my compression socks after stretching and foam rolling and am feeling really really good- a lot better than last weekend doing 11, when my I.T. Band issue flared up.

Thanking the Lord for the ability to run and also for the support I get from my family back home. I used to always run with my twin


I so wish she could have been my running buddy today, but her verbal support means a lot!

Missing my family and looking forward to seeing all of them a week from now!!!



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  1. Courtney Vencel

    I know you get tired of me saying this, buuuutttt I love reading your blog and what Fuels you! I am not quite up to par of being a long distance runner as you, but your advice sure gets me going! Glad you are coming home to visit fam!! Would love to see you if you have free time… we head to a run away vacay on the 10th, so might just miss you! Keep pluggin’ at that thesis.. you are sooooo close!

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