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Restaurant Review: Hard 8 BBQ

For the rehearsal dinner last night we ate at Hard 8 BBQ in Stephenville. I think there is one also in Brady, TX and a few other locations.

When I googled “gluten free hard 8 BBQ” I got a few hits and found one that said all but their sausage, meat wise was fine.

Lucky for me the only option for the rehearsal dinner crew was brisket.

So I loaded up on brisket and green beans- they had some delicious looking cobblers and banana pudding for dessert. The dessert was obviously not gluten free, which is ok with me, I have gotten used to not eating it anymore and am really ok with that fact.


Aaron pushed me through the line near the beginning so I would not have to worry about cross contamination, which as it ended up couldn’t have happened I do not think anyways- so as soon as I got my food I whipped out my phone and took the above pic.

It was good, I am not a huge BBQ person, but it filled my hungry hole and was a nice evening talking to the wedding party.

Best wishes and blessings to The Hoffmans as they get married today 🙂


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