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KIND bar surprise

Surprise in the mail for me!!!! Yay! Made me so very excited and reminded me how blessed I am!


I received 4 kind bars of Various flavors, I have had the apple cinnamon before and loved it so much that it’s all I have ever tried! I am excited to have different flavors to try out AND a Starbucks gift card to boot! Woohoo I am one spoiled little lady today!

Who did I get this from?

While my mom is awesome at sending homemade surprises and cards, this surprise was from Tracie, Alltech’s territory marketing coordinator from California who was in charge of our booth at the World Ag Expo. What a sweet way to say thank you!


Tracie is the one on the far right, she is such a sweetheart and hard worker!

Also something we share in common is our avoidance of gluten. She is not gluten intolerant, but has Celiac’s disease. From what she taught me from her doctor’s visits and experiences she can eat gluten without becoming ill immediately like I do when I eat gluten. Her issue is that the gluten eats away at her small intestines and eventually could create intestinal cancer, therefore she is watching the gluten intake for far more serous reasons than my headaches and GI issues.

I can always depend on her to have gluten free options at all of our work events and dinners, which is a blessing in itself!

Thanks so much for the surprise Tracie!


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  1. Score!!! They look yummy… may have to look them up! TGIF

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