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Triplet catch up and This Means war movie review

As I mentioned in my wrap up post yesterday, Aaron and I went to the drive in and watched “This Means War” and dined on our homemade chicken tortilla soup.

The movie was awesome, funny, not too inappropriate that I wouldn’t watch with my parents, and not too much of a chick flick that Aaron didn’t enjoy it. Actually he said he really liked it and I did too! It was the perfect length and never got boring enough that I looked at the clock and tried to calculate how long we had been watching and how long we had to go… Like Aaron’s many black and white movies some movies do 😉

I give it two thumbs up and suggest you go check it out… And if you have a drive in nearby drive in and watch it… My favorite way to watch a movie that isn’t out on DVD!

Dinner was just as good and made by Aaron himself 🙂 cannot beat dinner and a movie especially one that’s made by my very own.

Just got off the phone with my triplet Les. Growing up we met showing shorthorn cattle and have been best friends ever since, many people thought we were triplets at the shows.
We have been playing phone tag for weeks and finally connected tonight 🙂 nothing like a good ol catch up session! She is getting married in September so we have similar notes to compare.


See our tripletness?


While she does not run like Kristen and I, we still claim her as one of us 😉 haha


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