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Looks don’t mean much to Aaron

This morning I went to early service at church, always a great time and beats the crowd of second service- living in a college town all of the college students tend to go to second service. It is awesome that they come at all, but the fact that our church is small tends to lead to a crowded 2nd service.

This morning made me think even more about knowing my true self and living life the way that God wants us to. I shouldn’t go from one task to the next without taking into account all of the love he provides me and the many blessings I have!!

After church we went to Noras for a Mexican lunch mmmmm! Aaron and I shared the 2 pork chop, 3 egg, refried beans and potato meal. Stuffed us both!!!

A quick trip to Sam’s club to get some Emergen C and Zicam to kick the cold Aaron is starting to get and I am praying to avoid (too much coming up to be sick also)!

On my way home I stopped at Aaron’s house to make him his favorite cookies as a surprise for him and a classmate that is coming over to study with him tonight after he gets done coaching wool.

Anyone else love chocolate chip cookies sans chips and with Reese’s cups chopped up in the dough?

Well I always use the Nestle toll house recipe I find online


Problem is mine never turn out looking like 4-H blue ribbon cookies


But Aaron eats them up and loves them so I guess Aaron doesn’t believe looks are everything, thank goodness huh?

Well I am off to clean up some dishes and maybe make something else. Hope you all have a great Sunday!!

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