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This morning I slept till my alarm went off… Which was 8am! I haven’t slept in that late in a while, certainly not all week!

My week in California was a whirlwind between working at the World Ag Expo, business meetings, meeting customers, a surprise trip on the Alltech private jet and seeing some friends at the Expo.


Our team was incredible and made the event smooth sailing! Check out the cow sniffing me 😉


This guy came all the way from Ireland to help out and teach us more about the Dairy Advantage program.

Mike, above was called a “Carney” when someone at the event asked him what his job is and he explained it as the person who is in charge or setting up and running shows all over the nation. Hahaha

Me with the Idaho and California TMCs, what a great group of gals to work with.

Quick recap- we had an awesome steak dinner at the Double LL steakhouse the first night. I had a petite filet and dominated the whole thing!

Sal’s authentic Mexican was for dinner the next after lunch of tri tip sandwich without the bun and some beans.

Then just some fruit and lettuce for dinner the last night as we had a business meeting with Dr Lyons, the owner of Alltech and then I rode back on this thing


What an honor!!


I loved it!


Made it back yesterday and had a meeting with our team and Dr Lyons and then Aaron picked me up from

This morning I met up with my partner in crime and conquered 10 miles like we were made to run!!!

We decided to hold off on fro yo since our run was complete close to lunch time.

Aaron and I had lunch at the Cattle Barron after running errands.

I got the salad bar


Aaron ordered a steak for us to share and also the salad bar


After catching up on some things we decided to make tortilla soup and head to the drive in… So here we are off to watch “this means war” and dine with my man!

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